I called in yesterday for a line of credit home loan, was given rates and told there are no fees except a State mortgage tax.The girl was unable to tell me how much the tax was so I hung up and did a little research to find out the cost.

The fee turned out to be nominal. When I called back today and spoke to same department I given totally different rates (you guessed it, higher) with a bunch of fluff costs. I was either lied to, or the person working in this dept is incompetent and pulling numbers out of the air. I spoke to a supervisor, then called the Corporate office for Wells Fargo, who referred me to the Iowa executive office for mortgage dept, who referred me to Executive office for Mortgage L/O/C complaint dept.

Of course no one answered the phone or called back. The sad thing is I am an existing Wachovia customer (bought out by Wells Fargo). God help us all if this is the best service we can expect. I am CLOSING my account at Wachovia as I feel I was totally jerked around by Wells Fargo.

Why would anyone want to go through all this for a small equity loan.

There must be better lenders out there!!!!!!!!!Keep looking !!!!!!!!!

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