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I like MicroCenter very well, and applied for and received their branded credit card for use in their store. The card is actually administered by Wells Fargo. If you make a charge under the plan that I signed up for, you have 6 months to pay off the charge with no interest. I make my payments electronically on Wells Fargo's website on a monthly basis, having funds transferred from a checking account.

I received a statement today reflecting no payment made the previous month, so a $35 late fee was charged. This had happened once before, and I assumed that I had made a mistake, forgot to click a button, etc. This time I was certain that I did everything right. But, Wells has no record of the payment. Actually, I didn't do everything right, I failed to write down a confirmation number.

I called customer non-service and described the problem. The lady was pleasant on the other end, and I made a phone payment to get the account current. I asked for the fee to be waived, and she said they are simply not allowed to do that, unless you have a confirmation number, which is proof of payment. OK, that one's on me, but I didn't write a number down because the page SAID the payment was made.

Now here's the main reason I'm PISSED. The lady asked for the followup e-mail after the payment is made. Their system DOESN'T send me an e-mail. Their website doesn't allow you to log on to look at the status of your account, or view a statement online, or download one, or look at your payment history. So it's pretty dang hard to manage the account with no info. I could be cynical and think that the payment doesn't go through on purpose, because they can then charge the late fee, making up for the no-interest program. The lady even agreed that their website is "behind" and the above features would be nice. WTF???!! It's a financial company that RUNS on computers. How can their website not do these routine functions? All the other payments I make electronically do that.

I don't blame MicroCenter, and quite like their store. But, as another computer company, they shouldn't associate their company with a sub-standard one like Wells. I actually have an investment account with another division of Wells. I'm paying off the rest of the card, sending it back to them in pieces, and moving my investment account. This is a wretched way to conduct business in 2011, and I won't accept it because I'm PISSED.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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I went into the store to pay my bill. Guess what, they don't take payments.

Every one does not have a checking account... Never heard of a business that would not take you money.

Searching for an address to mail a payment. What a joke!!!!


You should be better about paying your credit cards :P have had an MC credit card for years and the auto pay worked like a charm since day one. :P


If it wasn't good in 2011 I guess it didn't get any better in 2016. My son has been talking about Micro Center for years and always wants to buy from there.

So I wanted to apply for a credit card from the store as a means of managing my electronics only purchases. I found out that you actually have to go to one of the stores to apply. In this age of electronic payment and applications Wells Fargo can't securely support a decent credit card platform is pathetic. And for a computer store no less.

Wells seems quite capable however of opening accounts for people without their permission. I think Micro Center should rethink their strategy on who provides their branded store credit card!


I've never had a problem with this card. Setting up and logging on to WellsFargo.com and everything, including your promotional purchase agreement is right there.

Wells Fargo even sends me messages to advise me that a promotional purchase agreement is about to mature with about 30 days advance. Can't really ask for more than that...

I'm very happy with MicroCenter/Well Fargo card purchase agreements - just have to manage your account responsibly, and timely, which goes without saying.

@Mr. C

The original post is from 2011, so your comment is not valid or applicable being 3 YEARS later.


I just paid off a 1 yr same as cash with Microcenter/Wells Fargo. No problem, worked great- Wells Fargo's web site is dumb, but, if one pays attention the the terms and pays the deal off a few weeks in advance of the end date, it works out fine. I do the SAC's all the time.


Let me get this straight you knew you had to pay each and every payment on time to get the deal and THEY are wrong when you late cause you didn't get slack cut???? Why do you think they hire lawyers and have the endless small printing?

Why do you think they have to follow endless government regulations? Even then their held accountable because people say their duped when its in plain writing. I remember when trying to get a Microcenter Credit Card was like pulling teeth, many companies are giving slack with conditions, one is pay every month on time every time and no interest.

My suggestion, stop trying to come in under the slide every month, pay 10-12 days ahead. :cry

@I just don't get people postin

Great point. Credit is used for a fail safe program, not true net worth. Don't get credit cards if you don't have money to back it.


First mistake was signing on to a 27.99% credit card. Then you screwed up by not hitting all the buttons and ensuring payment went through.

Then you further kept making the mistake of not printing each and every receipt once you completed payment. If you don't have a printer save the web page. Its pretty obvious to me you have difficulty handling online transactions and have encountered this on other online payment services too. I'm not saying the confirmation transaction was wrong and in truth I don't want to hear prove it from Wells Fargo if you know you paid it.

The first one is totally on you. :sigh


I've had my Micro Center Credit card for many years; and after reading all these statements I'm quite shocked at everyone's bad luck.

And honestly; that's all it is. Bad luck.

Number one, you should always write down your confirmation number: It's common sense. Two; your payments should always be made in a timely manner. Not "right before" the due date. And three: If you get billing statements by Mail it's simple to keep track of your account balances and past payments.

Just because something has the option to do everything online doesn't mean you "should."

I only say this because I have never once had an issue with this credit card. I have never been charged interest. I have never had a payment "not" show up. Nor have I ever had one reason to call them for a problem.

Your opinions are all well and good; but just because "you" had a bad experience doesn't mean the credit card isn't any good.

I for one love it; and will continue to use it.

Regardless of other peoples so called: misfortune.


Also I am pissed at the Micro Center Card.. How come you cannot make a payment at Micro Center????

Crazy I didnt think to clarify and they did'nt tell me when signing up at Micro Center in Madison Heights Michigan! Wells Fargo?? One of the biggest owners of homes in Michigan and there are no banks here to make payments at nor any easy way to make a payment besides sending in a check??? Are they stuck in 1980???

No I don't think so.. They are scammers, contact the government like I am! I also told them never to contact my cell phone and they have ten times.

If anyone wants to join up for a class action law suit that would be the only way to change this predatory companies practices!!! My phone number is 313 573 3192 if anyone needs to contact me, I am another pissed off consumer at Wells Fargo and Micro Center for doing buisness with them..


Canceled my wells fargo microcenter card today, 6 months same as cash no interest was the deal , I kept my end, they did not, I received a 24.99 interest charge because they "received april payment late" though my electronic bill pay states other wise. Microcenter is great, however I would venture to say I am not the 1st, perhaps they should forwarn their customers. I will shop elsewhere when possible.


very similar experience, too bad that venting here does not help us. Hopefully it will help a future customer.


One of the hopeless credit card banks..the worst ever

they dont have an e-statement..

cant check all ur transactions online

just freaking frustrating customer care

especially with micro center card...the least balance credit card I have and just one of the worst communications and cars you will ever come across and charge you some extra fees which u r not supposed to get


Everyone, if you have a complaint against a bank contact the Federal Communications Commissions. I had issues with Capital One and I got the Federal Government involved and Capital One paid me back for all the charges they were charging me due to erroneous errors on their part.

FCC loves to do investigations on banks. My recommendation is to contact them.


Thanks i will because i had a problem with them too

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