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I purchased my Mattres from Mattress firm about 5 years ago and paid them $1000 cash right then and there right in store. i had to get wellsfargo financing first to be able to purchase the mattress but i just wanted to pay it and get it over with.

a year later, i got a collections letter from some agency wells fargo hired and they have been harrasing me since then and have threatned to come to my house and said oh we know where you live.

Shame on you Wells Fargo/MattressFirm. you make me sick. *** me didn't save the Receipt and they said they couldn't search it for me and nothing they could do. unless they can help me with this issue.

i will bad mouth them from here to the moon and back. Very Very upset customer.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Wells Fargo is an absolute joke. They are charging hidden late fee payments for future months.

I will never use them again and I will tell everyone I know not to use them.

They are crooks that get away with robbing the average American because they can.



They also ruined my credit as well. I was late on a payment I without knowing about it they reported me 30 days late and not my credit score is down 60 points.

B.s!! What happened to a warning phone call first??


I too had an issue with Matress Firm. My problem was more with the product and POOR POOR customer service.

My bed was dropped off at 2000 hours and damaged. The driver told me to keep it and they will send out for anther. I did that and sent up a time for a new one to come. They called two weeks later (date it was going to be dropped off) and said it had been stolen, then it wast ordered then it was lost or sent to another store.

A few calls to the HQ and two days later I had my bed. None the less, I shouldn't have to deal with this BS just for a bed.

And the sales man, whtta a mouth on that kind! No problems with WellsFargo yet


wells fargo financial is separate from the main bank and offers financing solutions to the companies that offer it's credit cards, I would try going to mattress firm for payment information and receipts, if that doesn't work try calling customer service number on the back of the wells fargo financial card. 1-877-805-7744 this may be the right number, I'm not sure exactly what went on here but hopefully this is helpful!

oh and if all else fails and you are still concerned about your credit there are lawyers that specialize in disputing items on your credit report.