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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

If you have a problem with Wells Fargo or any other national bank, you can make a formal complaint here. The bank will listen to you after you do this. They do not like to get these kinds of complaints. As a matter of fact if they get too many they could be in for big problems. I would suggest that you make a formal complaint to the Comptroller of the Currency.



Customer Assistance Group

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FAX: 713-336-4301

You can also go to your Attorney General of your state.

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I went to wells fargo in rancho bernardo to do a wire transfer not noing that it was a scam the person helping me didnt question any of it at all. if he would have asked me that the person that it was going to is the same person that did the work i would have called that person and asked.

so I filed a clam with the fraud dept and of coures they said there is nothing they can do. so why are we insured by the federal goverment.


My mothers house was refinanced without permission. What do I do?


I normally don't do this, but today I was at the WellsFargo bank (branch 4648 Mission St., San Francisco, CA) and the person "helping" Antonio, the customers in line was the most rude and offensive perso. First of all I am a customer...I am 8 1/2 months pregnant..I waited patipatently in line for 10 min...I went up to the teller...my sister needed to verify check, which we did, but they helper made us get in line again for another 20-30 min...


With all these complaints and yet I see no respond back to any of these comments. This website is just a cover up for all the flaws that Wells fargo has.


I was approached about obtaining a secured credit card while banking at my local branch. No, I did not inquire about the card, I was only making a checking deposit.

The card wasn't even to me yet when I decided not to obtain it. In the local branch, I was told that it was already being processed and that I should call to cancel as soon as I received it. I did so, never activating the card and at the very end of the conversation (well past the process of closing the card) I asked about the funds for security being deposited back into my account. I was very upset when the girl on the line said that it would take 30-60 days to receive my "security" on a card I'd tried to cancel from the beginning.

It has now been 60 days since the funds were taken from my account so I called again. Today, I find out that the first girl never closed the account????? Another 30-60 days??? There was absolutely ..

ABSOLUTELY no doubt that we were well past the closing of the account when I became upset about the time involved in receiving my secured funds. (Do you agree? Yes. You can never get another secured card ..

no problem.. way past the point of agreeing to the closure of that credit card..WAY) I honestly believe that the first "representative" maliciously failed to close the account. In fact, when I started the phone process today, the first person said there was no such account number (card number). Yes, I was very upset since I tried from the beginning to decline this card, but listen to the recording and see if this account was not very obviously closed during that conversation.

I should NOT have to wait another 30-60 days for my funds to be returned to me.


I was ask to leave the Wells Fargo bank on Henderson road in King of Prussia Pa . by the manager.

Because I refuse to applied for one of their credit card . I was also ask to close my seven year old account and don't come back .

All because I got upset with the bank teller who keep trying to push me to applied for their new credit card . There's branch has the rudest and worse people working.


I'm standing ...for over 40 min ...on the 3rd of the month ...In the Wells Fargo lobby, on Northern/55th ave ish while only 3 tellers are on duty! REALLY??

While people who have disabilities, time restraints ..*** ... LIVES in general, wait needlessly, as the branch manager nonchalantly explains to me, the reason for the wait is.. that people were promoted.. My question in return..

You did not know that in advance?? This is ridiculous I plan on closing the account never to return!


yes the Wells -Fargo in Henderson Road in King of Prussia sucks especially the big tall manager . How they take your money and then treat people like garbage


wells fargo has been a problem from day one with me I open a account as to do business as a small company and then they tell me my atm card can only take out 300 hundreds dollars a day that's my limted what the *** if want take out 600 dollars I have to wait the next day then the posting money time is a joke we are in the computer age but they are still back in the horse and cow boy rider zone this bank has the slowest computer system if that's what they are using this bank need to come up to 2013 not 1889 *** ther car faster then ther service must be a two year old running wells fargo i want to take my money and move but the broker that i deal with wants me to use this bank cause he next door and can depost it easy for him but living *** for me .


I have been trying to close an account for almost 3 weeks now. It's been a headache and I feel like they are keeping me trapped, trying to pay them fees each and every time.

I opened up a new checking account with them and wanted them to close the old one. Instead of issuing me a temporary card, I was told that they could link my current debit card to the new account. My old account I wanted to close had one pending charge so I was told to call them back the next day and have them close it over the phone. Sounds easy right?

Well, after that bank visit, I made 3 purchases. A couple of days later, those charges were posted to my new account like they should have been. My husband goes into a branch to close the old checking and they say that I have pending charges which were the purchases I made that day. I am looking at the screen on my laptop as I am on the phone with my husband, and they are telling him that is not what they see.

Apparently, what my online account was showing me at home, wasn't what they seen on their screen? Hmm. They could not explain it and said to come back on Monday and get it sorted out. On Monday, I check the accounts online and all the sudden the charges that were showing up as posted to my new account, were not posted to the old account that we've been wanting to close!

WHAT THE ***?!? What kind of phuckery is this??? Husband goes back to the branch and they managed to fix it to where we will not be charged the NSF fees. That worker could not explain why those purchases got switched to the old account.

I swear, WFB has some evil little trolls posting those transactions to wherever the *** they feel like it.

They will tell you anything to throw you off so they can justify their shady activities. Burn in *** WF.


The. wells fargo in grants nm is by far thr worst servicr iv ever had.

the employees are not only slow but rude. iv waited in line for ovr 20 min not a word spoke to me or apoligized for wait. worst of all the people watchin over them do nothin to help but jus sit n watch the line grow bigger. its no wonder the job turn over is so high hete.


I will tell all about the bad service. Get a serious handle on this before u lisr valed customerss!!!


Worst bank ever!! If you don't mind them putting your money in someone else's account keep on using them.


For sure. They were posting my direct deposit to someone else's account for WEEKS and it took many many calls from me before someone finally figured it out!

They were beginning to not even believe me! It turned out it was a person that had very nearly the same name, just the last name was off by one letter. But the account number was different.

How they put it in the other account by the name is beyond me and of course they did not at all want to disclose how the mistake happened. Thank goodness they recovered all my money from the other account!


There has been some major discrimination based on disability by 4 particularly 3 Wells Fargo employees at the Westlake mall branch in Seattle at 1620 4th Ave. There is a nice disabled man with O.C.D. He went up to the teller Aric Effron to do a transaction and Aric Effron took off his name tag as he's done before he went to the back wouldn't help him or serve him Mr. Effron said go the ATM rudely to him as he's done before. So this poor man went to McKenzie women assistant manager. He waited patiently as she stalled by taking another 10 minutes with a woman before him. She was rude and disrespectful to him. She didn't want to hear his complaint he asked a polite O.C.D. question explaining he has O.C.D. she said to his question "I don’t' know what you’re talking about" McKenzie stood up motioned for him to leave thrust her hips and pelvis out when she did that motion. So the next day this gentleman came in by the water manager Bobby came over to put water cups. He tried explaining to Bobby nicely about Aric Effron and McKenzie’s discriminatory rude disrespect to him which is true if I or you or anyone else made this complaint McKenzie would have said sorry about that and done something about it. McKenzie & Bobby clearly violated the ADA. He told Bobby what happened Bobby raised his voice at him. He had a polite O.C.D. question for McKenzie which would have taken 9 seconds. She dismissed his question he waited patiently 15 minutes sitting down McKenzie was helping a women taking her time for 15 minutes. As soon as the women left McKenzie walked away to the back part of the bank she didn’t want to help him or dignify even a question from him. She wouldn't even dignify his valid complaint or his O.C.D. question which would have taken 9 seconds. He was sitting quietly Bobby came at him raised his voice. The gentleman told Bobby that he's O.C.D. Bobby said for him to leave or he'll call Westlake security. This is horrible cruel costumer service that is blatantly violating the ADA. Again if you or I or a black person made that complaint they would be so nice. An African employee not African American bullied with Bobby told him to leave. As he was explaining a Westlake security officer came down the disabled gentleman saw that and walked out. The gentleman tried in a nice way to ask the O.C.D. question in a nice polite way the day after thanksgiving 11/29 McKenzie said the f word and changed directions. Aric Effron but particularly McKenzie and Bobby dehumanized this nice man. He's afraid now for his safety to go there to do transactions and the O.C.D. question which would take no more than 8 or 9 seconds bugging him. This could and should a discrimination law suit clearly. Aric Effron but particularly McKenzie, Bobby, and the African employee particularly McKenzie and Bobby if they did this to someone of clout all 3 would be fired for discrimination and bullying a disabled person out of disability. Please if they don't fire them which they should teach them some basic compassion and human decency. This is a good human being.

Please reprimand Aric, McKenzie, Bobby and the African employee. No retaliation on the disabled fellow please.

Thank you for your time, happy holidays


you got to be on this bank butt like a moving company moving your things .............WATCH THE THINGS AND WALLS GOSSSSSHHHHH NEVER AGAIN


checking my account allnight for a transaction to come threw (account balance was 0.70, $60 coming threw charge me for a fee i didnt know anything about called talk to a lady got into alil backand forth thing and she was talking over me andidnt solve my issuse.......everytime i put money on my account its something wrong or most def missing........wells fargo do anything to take money when they suppose to help. putting your money in wells fargo bank is like putting your money in a thefts hands mad everytime after dealing with this bank never happy and never feel like i want to do anything else with this bank........*** *** BANK


I went into a Wells Fargo Branch to try and stop payment on a certain company. The branch manager Arturo Cisneros in the Ogden, Utah, was totally uncoperatavie either does not know his job or does not want to do it.

I left totally frustrated and un-happy and he knew it and did not care. Subsiquently I went back to the office called the national line and did what I needed to do in 3 min phone call no problem!


Adios WellsFargo.. my family been doing business with you over 6 years but we are closing all of our wellsfargo account NOW..

I dont know who to blame..your corrupted system or your unprofessional employee. The bank charged me for overdraft fees on my old account, which was supposed to be closed already. That *** banker was so happy getting her commision on new acc and did not close my old acc, so i ended up with $99fees charged, and only refunded $35. What a ripoff!!!!

ANd LADY..if you cant help me get my money back..be honest or keep your word when you said "i will get your fees charged and keep you updated" She did not respond to my email..Please this is the service you have for customers??? Adios wellsfargo!!


I just got home after having suffered one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever encountered by one of your employees, Guillermo Jaramillo. In today’s banking world, where customer service is such a key differentiator, I am sure this is not the way Wells Fargo trains its client-facing staff. I feel your company failed in two ways:

1. My father’s debit card was cancelled due to suspicion of fraud and we discovered nearly three weeks later that a new one was never ordered.

2. When I went to the bank to order a new card and get a temporary one Mr. Jaramillo refused to give me a debit card although my name is on the account along with my father’s. The reason he gave was that he felt I would let my father use it although I assured him that would not be the case.

Finally, as we left the bank upset that we drove there and failed to achieve a single goal that we had set, Mr. Jaramillo said, “glad I could be of service” with obvious sarcasm in his tone and knowing that he did absolutely nothing to help us.

I have discussed the matter with my father and we both agree that, in today’s competitive banking world, we surely can expect better treatment from our bank.


Wells Fargo are rip off artists by charging the fees they charge. They have charged me multiple times for cashing checks written on their bank from five dollars to seven twenty five per check and half the time I got no charges.

They are greedy and should not be charging fees like they do. :( http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/wells-fargo/wells-fargo-make-a-formal-complaint-20080929137403.html#