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We purchased some apparel from on sept 10, 2010, using our Wells Fargo checking account. A Few days later we closed this account due to the fact that we were moving out of state.

Thereon, contacted us that they will not be able to send some of the apparel and that they refunded us for 2 transactions - $493 and $168 back to the Wells Fargo account on September 21,2010. At this time we contacted Wells Fargo bank who stated that since the account was already closed and the refund from the seller was declinedand went back to their financial institution ( on sept. 22,2010. We contacted Steve, the manager at who verified with their institution that the refund went through and nothing was declined.

Wells Fargo were not willing to provide us with proof of the refund being declined, at this point so we could show it to the sellers financial institution so maybe they could resolve this issue. Also, we were told to deal with the seller since everything on the Wells Fargo's side was done. The seller tells us to deal with our bank due to the fact that he is showing that the money was refunded to us, and even provided us with a printout copy showing the transaction was approved. At this time we decided to dispute the original transaction thinking that would be the only way to get our money back, total of $661.

We spoke with Esmeralda at Wells Fargo in Las Vegas on sept. 30th who gave me the number to file a claim. When calling the claims department we were told we cannot file a claim because the money is out of their hands and was refunded on September 22nd. They would not provide us with any proof that the transaction was returned and once again told us we CANNOT file a claim.

5 days later we received a letter in the mail stating that our claim was being closed, a claim which we were not advised we had as we were told we cannot file one. After calling Wells Fargo yet again we were given a reference number which still did not show that the refund went through. We asked for another agent who informed us that the money was refunded on September 30th. I asked to speak with a manager, whose name was crystal and she assured me she would assist with this issue and called the manager Steve at

As of October 6th the seller nor his bank have not received a refund. I spoke with another service agent Antonio who told me the money was refunded on September 22. Antonio was very rude and refused to provide any information except to call the merchant myself or file a subpoena. I asked Antonio for his manager and he refused saying that they would agree with him, when I asked for Crystal who stated she would help he told me she agreed with him as well.

I explained to him that the reference number he provided was not found by the other bank, his response was that it is an internal number and they do not have any proof that the money was refunded other than that. Why was I given this reference number when Wells Fargo knowingly knew that the other institution would not be able to track it?? His tone and attitude were condescending and since he had no explanation to give me on where my money is or to prove a refund attempts to reason with him were ineffective. His final explanation "it is out of their hands and we must contact the other bank".

Again no evidence was provided by Wells Fargo and they would not assist us further. If the money was indeed refunded than why over 2 weeks later has the other bank not received it? Other agents we have spoken with have told us through the phone they have "no idea" what to tell us at this point one even laughed saying our money is floating around in the atmosphere, which I am tending to agree with. The alarming part of this entire nightmare of tracking your money is that no one can provide support to us that indeed a refund was sent and that it was sent successfully.

What struck me also is that no one at Wells Fargo was willing to get to the bottom of what happened to our money. I work in a billing services department and when there is an issue I always try to resolve the issue for the person on their behalf as they would not be able to on their own, and I always have backup to support what I am saying. All attempts to resolve this issue have been futile and we ask of assistance in order to getting to the bottom of this. Today we called the claims department again, and spoke with the manager who asked to put me on hold and then hung up on me.

When I called back the department was closed. Great customer service.

Review about: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $661.

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