I had three accounts with wells fargo for almost a year now. In the past six months about 12k has been deposited into the account and I had had no problem. Being that I wasnt too conscious of what I was spending and ending up haing over a 1000 in overdraft fees in that time, but all were paid within a day or two.

So I go to the bank as usual and go to withdrawl some money from my account. The teller told me that there was some kind of hold on the account and that I would have to sit down and speak to someone. This lady told me that there was a loss prevention issue and that because of that they were no longer allowing anymore debits, allowing my ach direct deposits,closing all accounts, and holding all money for 10 days after which I would be mailed a cashiers check, I freaked, starting crying, knew I had multiple bills to pay that day. The lady told me there was nothing that she could do and that she was sorry. I left.

How can A bank do this? I have furthermore now had my phone shutoff during the past 5 days and am at risk now of my storage unit selling my possessions. I dont know what to do. I dont understand that if the bank is allowing NO debits from the account, ACH or not, then why would they hold the remaining amount, which isnt petty a few hundred, and not give me the money for 10 days

Loss prevention simply told me that I was a risk to the bank due to my excessvive overdraft fees, paid or not. I get this and can understand why the account was closed but cannot understand why my money is being held hostage for 10 days plus mailing time on top of that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $406.

Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

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You should file a complaint with the governing Regulatory committee. I think they are governed by the Comptroller of the currency.

https://www.helpwithmybank.gov/ You will get a call from the Corporate office that will make these issues go away within minutes. We the people do have a voice...

be heard. This might be too late to help with your funds but you could still file a complaint.


https://underdoglawyer.com/wells-fargo-fraud/Fill this form out.


Wells Fargo is ridiculous the way they do things, has no care about what and how they do what they do


Hey wells fargo is holding. 7000 dollars of mines they closed my account and now im not allowed to visit a branch to even try to recive my money i need my money now


I am going through the same thing. Loss Prevention my a $$.

I dont feel thst they have a right to hoold the remainder of my money for 10 days as well. I never liked Wells Fargo Bank to begin with.

Just voicing my opinion. Have a wonderful day.


Wells Fargo after more than 30 years doing business with Wachovia was great but now Wells Fargo has thrown us under the bus. Some comprised my accounts and they closed all my accounts.

Customer loyal means nothing to these people(machines ). Good riddance to bad rubbish.


I agree the same thing just happened to me......Today after being with this bank since 2008.....This bank has no customer loyalty......I took my banking elsewhere.....Check out chase bank

I did today.....In about 6 mos I will see how this goes with chase If not well

Then I will check out other banks

After 9 Years

Wellsfargo Threw Me Under The Bus

WoWwwwwwww Unbelievable "Signed Sincerely" A VERY PISSED OFF EX WELLFARGO CONSUMER August10-2016



They did the same to my account. I would just like to ask how long before you got your money back?



Wells Fargo loss prevention # 888-231-****


I'm going through the same exact thing I open the account with Wells Fargo 3 or 4 days ago and today I went to use my card and it was declined I went into the branch and the teller told me my account was blocked and to have a seat to speak to someone when I got to speak to someone they contact lost prevention and told me they had a hold on my account I can't have access to my phone and to call them October 3rd and they will investigate to see if they will release my money or not I don't owe this company no money and don't know why my money is being frozen and on hold now I'm broke until October 3rd and have no access to my money. the lady in lost prevention was very rude Ghetto and unprofessional and did not give me a reason why my account was on hold.


Wells Fargo is doing the exact same thing to me. My employer has bounced too many of my paychecks and I have had always had a positive balance.

They are saying that I'm a risk despite being the victim of a crime (2nd degree Felony in Utah.)

Wells Fargo doesn't care. They are unwilling to do anything to help me either.


Something similar happened to me. Had a business account and several person al accounts for years.

Mine and my hubby's personal, two teen checking and savings for our kids. Never had a problem with our accounts until a customer bounced a $15,000 check in our business account. Not only did they take our personal money from our personal account, they took kids' money too. What does our personal banking have to do with the business banking?

They just robbed us after our customer did.


You didn’t set your business assets away from your person assets so when things like that happen they can take both


Wells fargo can go burn in ***!!!! my own fund in being held....MY OWN FUND!!


same issue, except they are holding over $5000 from me for going on 6 weeks and giving ZERO I INDICATION when they will release it


these people are shady , i deposited money on an account and they are holding over 7k because the teller didn't put the information down correctly . This bank is the only one i had trouble with and their glorified pencil pusher of the LP department is doing everything to hold my money .

do not open an account here tellers re incompetent as well as their staff or they're shady and setting up traps . i will proceed with my attorney , but look out for this bank .


This bank needs to be SHUT DOWN!! They only care about your money being deposited but will hold your funds at their convienence. Something needs to be done.


I deposited CASH in my sons acct on sat, THEY have NO record of the transaction! EVEN with the receipt info its been a battle!

NOW they are saying it was a check, and waiting for it to clear..... Receipt shows it was CASH and 'zero' checks!!!! 5 days later hes still without the funds I deposited! AGGRAVATION!!!

AT what point is this ok? :(


I am going through the same thing with them. They need to burn them down. I was acutally at a food place paying for my food and to be told my card declined is very embarassing.


i am going through the same exact thing as you and i understand how you feel this bank needs to be shut down asap they have very shady practices. :eek

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