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I know they are not God. God is loving and caring. However, they think that they are.

My house burnt down on April 11, 2011. It is a nightmare when that happens. My first thought was to quickly get it rebuilt and bring back some stability to my family. Fortunately, I have construction experience and friends in the field. The insurance company (State Farm) has been great. They were out the next morning and issued checks as I contracted various trades. I am thinking that this will not be too bad. They made me feel relaxed and things would move quickly. Then it hit.

After getting all of the endorsement on the checks and sending them to Wells Fargo for disbursement, They balked at sending out the checks. I had contractors working on my house beginning in July and it wasn't until the end of November before I was able to get the FIRST check. That only happened after I was able to get my Congressman, State Senator and County Councilwoman on it.

Fortunately for me, these were my friends doing the work and they were not pressuring me for the money and they continued to work. If that were not the case, work would have shut down and I would have been sued for breach of contract and many liens would have been placed against my house.

I couldn't figure it out. Why were they holding up the money for the contractors that did not belong to them, it was mine. I paid for the insurance, not them, Then it came out. After several weeks, they told me that I should just put all of the money towards my mortgage and pay it off.

I am not sure why they are allowed to determine who or when money will be dispersed. I am on a crusade to cut them out of the equation for these disasters.

Good luck to anyone that has to deal with them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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Please file a complaint with the OCC. I have been out of my family home since Nov.

2009. I am not nor have I ever been in foreclosure and it will be three years this November 2012, since the fire, and we are flat broke living with family members. Wells Fargo is hanging onto the money loaning it to others to make money.

Please file with the OCC. I did!


I feel with you. Same thing is happening to me. Of all the banks, they are at the bottom.