Detroit, Michigan

Got an auto loan on October 16 of this year never got a coupon book in mail but got a phone call on nov. 28 saying my payments past due?

I said I didn't get anything to know and she said ya they sent it to wrong address? And that I would have a service charge for it not being my fault? So I get a statement on dec. saying my loans due and I owe 2 months due date 26th.

They call a reference I had down and called my work? Then I call and say I will pay before the due date and she was so rude because I wouldn't give her my checking info I said 3 times no I will call and pay over phone.

Then the *** sayes: now y are u 2 months behind and I say to her : once again I never got a statement in the mail and she says well it will still end up being ur fault. Eewwwwwwweeww I *** hate that ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Yeah I had the same problem with them not sending a statement and they act like it is your fault, all the people that are out of work and on top of that having to put up with people that have a job but don't want to get off their lazy *** and actually do it, I guess instead of telling people that are out of work to get a job you *** we should be telling the people that have jobs to stop being lazy bastards.


*** Wells Fargo bunch of losers that make minimum wage to call and harass u all day cause ur a day late. Really? Get a *** life and laid loser

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