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This bank sucks run the other way poorest customer service ever,rude inattention agents,very unprofessional and full of themselves,Even the supervisors and managers in the Dallas mesquite area.Wells Fargo mortgage agents quit and leave you hanging with out notice and I have had 3 different agents loan persons who have all ask for all my information again and again and again only to check my credit score multiple times running my score down from great to good.Only to stick me with a higher interest rate.Our agent Ms.Victoria (Vick)Rivas is a very useless agent.She never answers our calls only reply by email through her own convenience.And has the nerve to tell me I have other clients i have to answer to.Ummm yeah hello I am also your client and Im giving you buisness and paying you.This snobby person has took her time on everything and she is never available to answer our calls with concerns as we are first time buyers.Will now the option period deadline hasn't been reached and we run the risk of lossing our ernest money$2000,our option money$350,Our appraisal money $460,our inspection fee$350 and possibly the home we spend a year looking for.All because she didn't put the appraisal money in on time and never took the time to walk us through the process or answer our calls.She acts like it don't matter will of coarse not it aint her money on the line.She tells us tell your realtor to negotiate pretty much whipping her hands.The thing is if the appraisal doesn't appraise at value and the sell don't want to lower the price we are screwed out off all our money and the home.I asked to speak to her boss the asswipe is just repeating I know Ms.Vicky Rivas a long time it's not her fault...really if she would have been more professional at her job and returned calls and answer our concerns and put the money in for the appraisal on time we wouldn't be where we are at now would we?He was no help I guess that's where ms.Rivas spends her time kissing his ***.Sorry butt I'm very unpleased and unsatisfied with Wells Fargo.I ask her boss for his boss number and he is being very rude and sarcastic and is making smurk noices proceeds to tell me buy little girl gives me the wrong number on purposeand hangs up.What kind of professional acts like that? I have never felt so disrespected the nerve of that so called boss.Wow!! I am kind of stuck if I don't proceed with the contract I lose my money and home.If I move foward and things don't appraise I lose my money and home.We are the ones affected due to Wells Fargo incompetent personal.If I could without losing m money I would 100% switch morgage agent and bank.I will be closing our accounts and our sons accounts giving our buisness to someone that appreciates their customers.Unfortunately I'm stuck on the loan until further notice.I regret recommending our son to this bank.But due to their ways They will lose two customers.I highly suggest you run the other way with your money as this bank Sucks their staff Sucks in my opinion.It's no wonder Fannie may and Freddie mac were in hot water a few years ago.One would think they would better themselves.

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