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After getting the run around by Wells Fargo regarding my modification agreement I decided to search the internet for complaints. So came across this site.

I was not surprised at all. I knew that I could not be the only one experiencing the deceptive practices of this company. Not to mention the harassing phone calls after YOU attempt to make them do their job.

I have been working tirelessly to get WFC to refinance or do a loan modification. After 2 years of trying, loss of job and many attempts to refinance and APPLY for modification, they finally agreed to a trial modification plan.

The first attempt I followed their instructions to the letter waited for a "package in the mail" that never came. They I research HAMP process and completed all the paper work, faxed it to them and basically sent them the papers they claimed they were going to send me in the mail. I verified they received it and called them every week. After persistently following up on them and documenting the calls.

They finally called me to work out a plan. We discussed the details during a recorded phone call. Again, they ended the conversation by saying to look for the written agreement in the mail. Strangely enough, they also started calling me almost every day.

Well it's now more than 2 months and I am waiting for the written agreement. Strangely, since the supposed agreement I have been receiving calls from different "relationship managers" looking for the same information as if I was newly applying. And I am 2 weeks away from agreed timelines for 1st payment due in May.

Urrrrrrrr I want to join any class action suit for this company. They need to be exposed.

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They are playing the same game with me from last 3 months and never did the loan modification.


They are playing the same game with me on the name of Loan Modification. They never call back.

Its almost 3 months nothing is happening . My credit score is dropping every month.


Looks like Wells Fargo has a basis system of making everyone uncomfortable in trying to re-modify their home. I've been dealing with them like everyone else, and I've been sending them exactly what they wanted and I just got a letter saying that I'm behind on my payments after sending them the amounts that they asked me to send.

Now they are saying that because I'm behind on my payments that they want to foreclose. This is disturbing and after we the people have saved there behinds with our tax dollars to keep them afloat they (the Banks) are now playing these *** games and are making honest citizens pay again for their mistakes.

As much as I don't like to sue, it would be sure nice to have a law firm pick up on this and start a class action law suit. Enough is enough alraedy.


ok to the op, next time you call them ask them if the trial program you are under is the Apollo program. if it is then no the first pmt is the accepting of the trial.

if it is that workout then DO NOT send in updated information after the trial is finished unless your Home Preservation person says so or you broke your plan. Hope that helps.


I married Deanna in 2005, her deceased husband Vic who owned a home on a 15 yr loan with high mortgage payments. We were struggleing and asked Wells Fargo to convert our 15 yr loan to a 30 yr loan.

We got the loan through a lawyer and much hard work but WF did not send any paperwork through the mail. We called several times but would not speak to us because we were not Vic. After we got through we found out they canceled our loan and said we need to do a modification again. Excuse after excuse, my wife was not on the deed, it was in a trust, you have too much equity, you need to assume the loan, assumption dennied because you owe back payments...this went on for months.

Finally they denied our 3rd request for a Loan Mod almost 2 yrs later. We owe now them $90,000 and we have recieved a forclosure notice. This is horrable situation WF has put us in and unfair.

We have been riped OFF. What can we do now?


like VERBATIM to your story goes mine!! what can i do?? who can i call?? my home is IN forcloser now!!!! WOOOW same exact thing,,,,, point me in the right direction PLEASE!!!!

my house is in Lawrenceville Ga ...if that matters