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We have had Wells Fargo as our mortgage loan servicer for about six years now. It was not our intention to have WFHM as the servicer, but they bought out the original owner of our mortgage, so thus the problems began.

Due to enormous hospital bills, we had to file bankruptcy in order to save our house about three years ago. When everything except the mortgage was paid in the bankruptcy, we took the house out and closed our case. We then tried to set up a payment plan for what was left in arrears after finishing the bankruptcy. Thus, aobut a year ago, our newest set of problems begin when we started working with the Loan Modification department.

We paid a hefty 'down payment' and were told to pay just a bit more than our regular mortgage payment for three months, then we could work out a modified loan. After the second payment of th plan, we were 'rejected' because they called us three times for more info and we never responded. This was not the case. But since I did not document anything, I took it as my fault and we started the process again.

So we put down the huge down payment and began our three months plan again. This time, after the down payment, we were told that they tried to call and did not get us, so they cancelled it again. I faxed phone records to them showing no calls were made to us, but they did not seem to care. We had no choice but to plop down ANOTHER huge payment and start again.

In January 2011, when I was two days away from making the last of the three months of modified payments, I was called from Rhiannon Smith at the Loss Mitigation department and told that we were ready to start the actual loan modification and that I needed to fax in letters and pay stubs again. I told her that I needed to make the final payment to the modification department to complete the three month payment process and was told that I did not need to make the payment because, to quote Ms. Smith, "That program really wasn't working out for anyone, so we did away with it and are just going straight to the modification". She told me to make a regular house payment.

So, two days later, I faxed her the information she asked for and made a regular payment. A week later, I got a letter from the loan mod department that I was again kicked out of the modification process for not making that final payment. When I called Rhiannon Smith back, she directed me straight to the loan mod department that she just a week earlier had said no longer existed. So we had to start the process AGAIN.

This time, I kept records of everything. I recorded our conversations, labeled who I talked to and when on each phone call, saved fax transmission verifications, sent mail certified with a tracking number, and called every week to make sure we were all on track. Then, just his last weekend, after I chunked out another $3000 down payment on a $1000 mortgage, before I could make the first installment, I was sent a letter saying that we were rejected again because I did not answer the phone three times. I called them to tell them that I had phone records proving no such calls were made to me.

I was told that my original faxed documents did not come through clear enough to read. I told them of the numerous calls and paperwork that I had sent that nobody ever told me there was a problem with the original fax. I was told that I could start this process again and plop down another huge down payment. I flipped out.

I just sent them a huge payment 12 days ago. I called back thirty minutes later and got another representative that told me something totally different. They said that they called a different number than what they told me earlier. When I told them that I had phone records for that phone too that showed no such calls and that I could fax that over to show they were wrong again.

He then back pedaled and said he would re-apply us for the modification and that we could roll this last payment from 12 days ago as the down payment for this new plan. So, over the past year, we have yet to actually complete a repayment plan, but have paid off all but a tiny bit of what we were in arrears in the first place with these enormous down payments. Now all I have to do is haggle with credit reporting agencies that Wells Fargo keeps telling that I am a horrible payer that it is indeed Wells Fargo that is making mistake after mistake. I guess the plan is to make us so miserable, broke, and out of time haggling to save the house that we just let it go back to them after we have paid the entire house off practically.

Then they can leave us with no home and horrible credit.

Way to Go Wells Fargo. Keep up the reputation you have made for yourselves of being unfair, ruthless, and criminal in the way you deal with your mortgage payees.

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