I have been offered 5 mods and then have had them taken away over a period of 2 years and now because I have asked the loss mitigation dept to explain why they aren't disclosing all the fees that they want me to agree to pay' waive my right to hold them accountable for any of their wrong doing, mistakes, etc. they have informed me that I am denying their offer and they are going to foreclose on my home. I have completed two trial payment processes, submitted my financial information 5 times done everything they have asked me they claim I am refusing their loan mod that's not a mod at all!Any lawyers out there that will take my case?

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Maybe if you cannot afford the home then it should be taken back. People like you that have a $2000 deficit after paying all your bills every month think that mortgage companies should lower your $1200 mortgage payment. Even if the entire payment was taken away you would still be in the hole every month. Why would they modifiy it, oh

yeah, just so you can re-default!

No company is ever obligated to change the terms of an agreement that you BOTH agreed upon. All you can do is apply, plan for the worst, and hope for the best.


Same thing happened to me!!! They told me I'd have no problem getting a permanent modification and wouldn't have to pay this ridiculous balloon payment associated with a modification, but SURPRISE!!

Our modification was denied because my husband is unemployed and we don't make enough money. isn't that why we would need the modification in the first place!?!?!! I'm over it. I'll rent.

Go ahead and foreclose. I'll never deal with Wells Fargo again EVER!!!


This exact thing has happened to me... now I'm scheduled for forclosure this tues.

Contact me so that we can get some type of lawsuit together. This has got to stop!



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