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wells and my mother bought a house (modular home) togather we are on the deed.

and the taxes, and the house ins. my mother is the only one on the loan note with wells fargo. i also have a quick claim deed set up between me and my mother for when she passes away. wells fargo has ignored this altogether.

we have been so called review,then denied,then reinstated, then fax this ,fax that. then we didn't send correct info,or wasn't sent in the time frame they so called stated. my mother has her own home, and the home mortgaged with wells fargo is my home. so, they state financial information should be based on my income as i live in home,then they deny it and say it has to be my mothers income, then they denied it and say no, it has to be both Ur mom and your income.

then they said my mom doesnt live in my home so, we aren't qualified for the presidents modification.i called housing authorities, they referred us to housing counselor, they referred us to legal aid.which i still have not had a call for helping us from them for three weeks or, i called attorney generals and filed a complaint against wells Fargo.i also called representatives office. mark screwier. I'm in foreclosure i need help. Mr.

president...we need your help.

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oops sorry about the last was written by me and not linda.

i missread the name space.i was sending this to linda


we filed chapter 13.and our attorney said they cannot foreclose.

they still have our 3222.66. and stated that it was for there attorney fees, and it was in a suspended account. not being touched. we already had our mediation appointment with there attorney.

and we verified proof we payed that amount, and he called to verify it with wells fargo. and said ok. u all came up with an agreement. so, there is no further action on our part.

i called wells fargo for 4 months after that appointment.they sent our money back, then we called and said we had an agreement,whats going on? they said they made a misstake and for us to send it back. we did. we then waited more months for our packet to sign for our new payments.

never came. i called again, they stated it was missplaced, and it was wells fargos fault. he didnt know why they didnt follow through, but, it was too late to do anything about it.there has to be laws against this. i called housing athorities, and they said its not right.

they refered us to a housing counsler, they called wells, many times and noone would let them talk to a manager. so they said something is illegal gowing on here. they send oue file to legal aid. legal aid took there sweet time with it we had nomore time left.

so, i went to a attorney i know and she said well, they have been doing this to alot of, we will just file chaoter 13 bankruptsy and they cant touch it.well, our bankruptsy is active....

i have also requested an audit on our account. because they say they applyed all the money we sent in to them. but, its not documented anywhere. so, i requested for a breakdown to be sent to me in writing of where the money went.

the trustee said send it to her when i get it. and she will deal with them.i even filed a complaint with the atorney generals and i got a freply back from wells fargo. and nothing was done. the president needs to do something about morgage companies doing this to people.

wells told me they can take our house even if we file bankruptsy.dont believe them its not true.

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#170659 must be shadowing me !! wells fargo is doing the exact same thing to me.!they tell me I am "under review" and after my 3 trial payments that I need to submit a hardship letter for the balloon payment that they "KNOW" I can't afford to make and assured me I would NOT go back into foreclosure by 5 reps and sure enough I did!!...they now tell me at this point I have to give them $4000 and they will proactivately review for a modification but can't even guarrantte me I will get the they keep my $4000 and keep my house I guess if I don't get the modification!...I also filed bankruptcy but they sure can take your house!

If anyone is forming something to file a class action suite against wells fargo I am in!....they just don't want to modify these loans like the govt says they are to do....they keep asking me if I ever thought of liquidation! well look *** if I wanted to liquidate do you think I would be calling you???..


guess what?after almost a year.

wells fargo employee told us ,you pay 3,222.66 and we are taking you out of foreclsure, you will receive a packet in the mail with ur new amount you will pay each month until your mortgage is paid up, then we will redice it back down to your original mortgage amount. well, they lied again..... they put our money in a suspended account, over a period of 4 months they sent it back ,following a letter as usual we dont qualify for a loan modification. then they tell us to send it back, that they made a misstake.

then we get the same old fill this out, fax this, and then says. you dont qualify, ur mother is on the loan note, your income doesnt matter. your mothers income isnt enough for us to give a modification, she doesnt live in the home so the presadents modification wont help, on and on. well, hows this wells fargo.

now you will except payments. i filed bankruptsy. you cant take my house now..... and im also in the prosses of requesting an audit on you.

so, wouldnt it of been more honest, and easier to just help those who bailed you out? take out m oney and then take our homes? i dont think so. try and take my house now.

i dare you.......... so, all who is reading this. if you have problems with wells fargo not helping you with your home.

they have already messed up ur credit, so, file have a better chance of keeping your house.


I have been dealing with the same problem since Feb of this year.Same thing...fax this fax that..ALWAYS an excuse to deny me and my attempt at the Making Home Affordable Program.

My Credit Counselor wasn't even able to speak with a manager!! Finally the credit counselor was able to contact an analyst after his supervisor escalated the case and I still have not been able to speak with anyone due to incalid fax numbers, no return phone calls, nothing. I clearly qualify for the program yet no one helps. I am in foreclosure and no help.

Well's Fargo is an absolute joke and they DO NOT intend to help you!Be ware!


Steve--- what you said is not true, even if you hired a 3rd party you are wasting your money. WFHM still proceed with the MOD the same way with or with out you, so DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY to hire a 3rd party, the process still the same.


thank god i live in apt..Who needs the greif??


anyone that needs a loan modification also need to hire a real estate attorney who specializes in loan modifications. Don't ever think the banks are acting in your best interests.

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