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Wells Fargo has the works customer service and financial record keeping. They sent notices to me via a lawyer that I was nine months behind on my mortgage & heading to foreclosure.

The same week they sent me a notice that I was only three months behind-please pay. Then I got a notice that next week that I was $542 behind and I had not submitted any payment to them in response to these notices because I am not behind at all. Now they are returning my payments each month and refusing to post my monthly mortgage payments to my account so it looks like I did not make my mortgage payment when I did make it. THe dumb company forgot that I paid the mortgage in person at their banks and received a receipt for the payment each time.

I tried to call their customer service and I have gone to 6 branches in town for assistance.

The customer service at Wells Fargo is incompetent, rude, *** and plain evil people who are deceptive and lie. IF they take my house after I have made my payments, I will go sqat in a Wells Fargo house just like Sharonda Guyton did for two years

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When I make my payments they did not post them either, like you I paid in the bank and had a receipt. Call their CEO that worked for me. Then sue them for the aggravation.


They did steal my home after refusing my payments. I had continually called and spoke with people and got different answers from everyone.

One day I made it a point to call 3 times and talked to 3 different people of which upon questioning the 3rd person about an answer I had received in a previous conversation that day, she told me there was no note in the system of me contacting them in 2 years! I had received paperwork to sign for a modification but it was for someone elses mortgage which also contained their personal info. After I thought I was working things out with them, a process server showed up on my doorstep stating he would be back in the morning to clean out the house. They told a judge my home was vacant which prompted him to sign the papers to take the home.

The next day I got mail from Wells Fargo asking if I was in the property or if it was vacant!?!

Now, 8 months later I still receive things about my old property even though I don't live there anymore and there are new owners. Good luck with getting any straight answers and not getting screwed over.


If you are in California, call me at 310-420-0508. I am dealing with them too but have a way to get to them. Yes, they are inept, rude, obnoxious, useless, liars need I say more

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