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Wells Fargo pre approved a mortgage loan. After jumping through all the the hoops a week before the closing date they decided to decline my loan for no reason.My credit score was 719.I made one phone call to another lender with the info i provided to wells fargo and received instant approval and closed the loan within weeks.Wells Fargo is the worst mortgage co and bank I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH.Very unprofessional and sneaky.I also had problems with the banking side as well.They think that you as a customer are beneath them.I also found out that they are in the top 5 co. that are being sued

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Wells Fargo Mortgage - ***- HARASSMENT

I missed one lousy payment by clicking on the wrong mortgage account (my rental house).It was placed on the principal and I could not get it back.

While trying to make up the missed payment thru bi-weekly money transfers (we are on a tight budget), they harassed me on my work phone, on my home phone and cell phone countless times in 6 weeks. Also, I am getting a certified letter from them and I will not sign and take delivery. Don't use this company for anything! If I did not have a family in this house, I would not pay them a dime and let it go into foreclosure.

I may just do that anyway, since we can move into my rental house.*** Bags.


yes i am a diabetic from stress from the constant worry.i have been working with wells fargo since 2009 trying to get a modification so i can aford my house due to a job loss.

they have lost files, moved files when i was current told me not to pay. wanting me to reapply but will continue foreclosure proceedings? i am just besides my self. i tried to get all govermment entities involved but it seems wells fargo has the upper hand the have everything right and i have done everything wrong????

i am afraid of these class action law suits. i have not heard good things and word on this if you know of a class action against wells fargo and the hamp scam let us know on here or

i can let this go i need to fight this i my home!!!!:cry


Wells Fargo Mortgage does NOT value its customers.Employees are told that the important thing is to get rid of loans, regardless of if they are being approved or denied.

If a loan is taking too long for approval, the employees are told to withdraw the application, sometimes without even notifying the applicant. There was a period of time when loans that were taking more than 45 days to process (due to delays not caused by the applicant), the loan was denied without just cause because it was costing the company money to extend the rate locks although they were charging those rate lock extension fees to the applicant. How does this help keep Wells Fargo clients in their homes??? Employees are denied raises and bonuses while the top executives continue to take home large paychecks.

No wonder the customer service is horrible. Employees are being forced into working 50-60 hours a week, being denied the compensation they are promised and being told to lie to applicants to get out of doing business with certain people.

Do NOT trust them and do NOT work with them!!!It's a shame that Wachovia is no longer around, they were one of the best institutions to bank with.

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