I have a big complaint i was behind on my auto loan through wells fargo i have payed everything up i owe i got money order statements but they put insurance on my vehicle i didnt know about even though i had full coverage.i sent them the insurance policy showing my full coverage on my vehicle it was supposed to be taken off but they are still charging me on top of that i was paying on the insurance they had on me before my policy period began which was a max 2 months of there insurance which should have not been on there in the first place 2 weeks ago i got a call for my sept payment but low and behold i owe my payment plus insurance i had it out with them they said if i sent in 628 dollars i would be tottaly caught up and the insurance was dropped i sent in 500 dollars with wachovia who they told me to go through 2 weeks later being today i get a statement saying i owe 1200 some dollars thats not even possible i have contacted a lawyer and ill be on the phone tomorrow.

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