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When I first purchased my house, my mortgage was not with Wells Fargo, however it was "sold" to them so I am having to deal with these idiots. I have had multiple issues with getting a loan modification with these people and I have been through 7 forbearance plans and still no perm loan modification.

They always have some reason why the investor deny. However the most recent payment plan, I was in the middle of paying. I got a call from WF and was told that I could no longer be in the prepayment plan because of an investor guideline. So he takes me out, however 2 payments are still due for June and July.

He tells me over and over the money will not come out. Well June 5 the money did come out and I am still fighting Aug 5 for it back!!!! They bounced my checking account and caused a ton of fees because I did not know it was coming out. I have now got a charged off checking account that I have had for 20 years because of them.

It is over $2000.00 and I am on disability and can not cover it. I have talked to 30 people and every time another answer or we will know in day or we will know in 3 days. At the same time the next payment in July that was supposed to be cancelled and I was told by 4 people that "checked" and was cancelled, try to take another 1400.00 again out of my account! My bank caught it this time and all they can say is sorry and half of these people have no idea what they are doing or what they are talking about.

These Wells Fargo people are the worse.

I would love to get in a class action suite......If anyone knows anything, please contact me at Any suggestions!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $2065.

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Yeah- My friends had an "adult" business and Wells Fargo was their bank. One day, their credit card machine doesn't work.

They call the bank and the bank tells them that they've seen their website and they can't do business with the likes of these people. Funny- the Mormons are happy to keep your money and pass judgment all at the amse time...amazing...will never use them!!