Aptos, California

Wells Fargo is trying to evict us from our home of over 14 years. My husband went into organ failure and we fell behind. Wells Fargo (then Wachovia) offered us a modification, but after I sent in all the paperwork and tried to make the first payment, they would not accept the payment and claimed to not have received all of the paperwork. I applied for modification after modification with the same results and they still wouldnt do anything. I have proven that I can pay with the proceed of an annuity that pays out in 2013-2015, and that I can make modified payments until then with my income. Through more digging I have also found that my deed was altered, as well as most of my loan documents, and that the brokerage who wrote the loan was shut down by the California DRE.

Please if you can take a moment of your time and contact Wells Fargo Office of the President, Manager Michael Harrison at 515-324-2382 (direct line) or Representative Adam Horning at 515-324-5345 or toll free 800-853-8516 ext 45345 and ask them to reconsider their position on loan number 47451810 in Watsonville, California, my family would greatly appreciate the support.

I pray that phone calls of support for my family will force Wells Fargo to show our family some compassion and consideration and work a plan that will allow us to stay in our home, and keep my husband safe and well until the blessed phone call arrives that he will get his transplant.

Thank You for reading this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I was not behind on any of my payments when Wells Fargo attempted to foreclose and they have refused to take payments since. We have been exhausting every legal option, one lawyer who represented us said Wells Fargo has too much money to fight and we had to just accept whatever they gave us. Good luck we will be praying!


Wells Fargo is stealing homes and seems to be targeting sick people. My friend niko black has terminal cancer.

She owned her home and through forgery and temporary umbcoations that po bankrupt so they can change the paperwork over to new umbrella corporations are trying to evict her. Even after a federal court judge ordered them to leave her at her home, they violated the order and like thugs through her out of her home with sheriff's.

The sheriff's and wells Fargo violated a federal court order. You have rights under the Americans with disabilities act.


No, you need to get to a bankruptcy attorney immediately, tomorrow would be good. Support would not help, only paperwork.