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i filed bankruptcy in 2008 it has now been discharged for almost a year. i just found out when trying to get an upgrade on my vehicle since my wife is now expecting i need a bigger car to haul 3 kids.

thinking its been almost a solid year of on time payments through my home loan you would think i would have some credit... nope guess i didn't reaffirm my loan with wells fargo. thinking its no big deal i called them they tell me its my lawyer's job to send out the reaffirmation. k so we sent one only to have them deny me and have my lawyer tell me that theirs nothin i can do.

thats almost a year of credit lost. i need a new vehicle and now im paying on my house for no good but to have a place to live how can they do this?

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You filed bankruptcy and have the audacity to complain that your credit is ruined? LOL


There is a law Fair Credit Reporting Act. Research this and file your complaints...

more pressure and persistance ... each letter must get stronger have legal rights...Be careful they do not start a foreclosure to steal your house since you did not reaffirm, check with your atty...


I'll put it simply. You filed bankcruptcy!

That is a big middle finger to the banks since any debt you owed them gets written off. It was your choice to file bankcrupty and not take ownership of the debt that you owed.

I bet you didn't even try to make payment arrangements, but rather took the typical american choice and filed bankruptcy. I COMPLETELY understand and AGREE with what has happened to you!

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