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Welp, I got an e-mail today from \"Pissed Consumer\" asking me for any update that may have resulted from my blog. Here\'s the UPDATE....FORECLOSURE!!! Oh, yeh...Wells Fargo has gotten in touch with me...they send me packages to re-apply for either a HAMP, REFINANCE OR LOAN MODIFICATION. Do they ACTUALLY intend on helping me....nnnaaaahhhhh, BUT they have to go through the motions because I\'ve written to every Consumer Advocate along the Eastern Seaboard and from ANY location that Wells Fargo plops it \"thieving\" BUTT! Oh, I\'ve heard from \"The President\'s Office\" in IOWA, CALIFORNIA, ARIZONA and even at one point wrote to \"STUMPF\"... doesn\'t, that man look so spic and span, tanned and probably plays 7 rounds of golf a week.javascript:ac_smilie(\'8)\') Have I submitted the endless amount of statements, forms, etc. to these IDIOTS!!!...FOR THE FIFTH TIME!!!...NO, because they, like other companies (i.e., VERIZON, MEDIACOM, AT&T, etc.)...LIE and STRING YOU ALONG. You submit the forms or contact them and the next time you call...they have NO record...AT ALL. That\'s there \"OUT.\" You\'ll\'s a growing trend of LARGE COMPANIES NOT TAKING ACCOUNTABILITY FOR.... ANYTHING!!!! What I do now, when I talk to someone within one of those companies, is immediately put them on speaker, so I have another witness in the house...then, I make sure I get the person\'s name that I\'m talking to, AND THEIR ID# (they will not tell you their last name). Then I make a record of the time of the call, the person I talked with.....EVERYTHING that goes on during that call. Of course if you want to record them, you have to let them know that they are being recorded. However, in reality, they record you ALL the time and half the time don\'t tell you...right there you have a lawsuit!!!

And here\'s another know how Wells Fargo uses the \"Good ole Western\" picture of the OLD Wells Fargo Stagecoach (that was begun in 1852), the beautiful horses, the persona that Wells Fargo would GET THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT providing courier services and offering banking, mailing and business services, transporting people AND GOLD. And you know how \"bandits\" would constantly ROB the stagecoach line??? Well, it appears as if NOW the stagecoach sits and waits at the place of settlement, the bandits are holding guns to the heads of the home buyer, the GOLD is TAKEN FROM THE GOOD GUY AND THEN TRANSPORTED ACROSS THE PRAIRIES TO A BIG A_ _ VAULT IN ARIZONA OR CALIFORNIA and then the meanest bandit of them all, \"Stingy Stumpf,\" goes and plays golf on the prairies of the Wild West...I can hear the theme song from \"How the West Was Won\" playing in the background. And the poor guy in the East has lost his home and has to rebuild once again.

Do me a favor, STUMPF, don\'t use an American iconic picture like the Wells Fargo Wagon as your logo to commit all of the injustices you have. You might replace the stagecoach with a \"Skull and Crossbones!!!\" javascript:ac_smilie(\':(\') 8)

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Many of you have seen my Litton Loan post, well Wells Fargo is right up there...or down there...with Litton Loan except that Litton Loan is no more! Yeh, Wells Fargo (or should I say their investors) purchased the original loan I had with Trident Mortgage.

My original interest was 6.875% and when the rates were reduced and I retired under Total and Permanent Disability and began having difficulty with making the $1600 payments and paying the ridiculous condo dues of $394/mo., I contacted them for help. Help?? are you kidding me. This company is so haphazardly's ridiculous.

I am so fed up with the IDIOTS that run rampant within our companies these days, that I think I have a solution to EVERYONE's Mortgage Problems...JUST STOP PAYING. IF EVERYONE WOULD STOP PAYING, THAT WOULD SURELY GET THEIR ATTENTION. THE BANKS NO LONGER "SERVICE" PEOPLE...THEY HOLD THEM HOSTAGE!!!

The Preamble to the Constitution says,"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity," Right now the banks have "screwed up" our union, commit injustice, insure more foreign tranquility than our own, don't provide ANYTHING for our defense, could care less about our welfare especially with the charges and APR's they've come up with, our liberty is the most "insecure" its ever been...and forget about posterity...they're STEALING from US!!!...EVERY DAY!!! LET'S STOP THE MADNESS...STOP MAKING YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENT!!!

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