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Wells Fargo has charged me more money than I payed for this house and we were hit by recent tornadoes in my area. The insurance has paid out but Wells Fargo kept the check and won't pay to get the house fixed which is causing more damage.

When I call and complain they won't even let me talk to a super visor!!!!!! These people are horrible and I don't suggest anyone bank with them!!!!

Some of the contractors are threatening to sue me because of non payment. When I talked to wells Fargo about this I was told they had nothing to do with it and still won't send the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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This does not surprise me in the least. when they merged with wachovia I purposely requested they not give me a debit card or checks so I could see if they would charge for NSF anyway. About less than a month later they did. When I confronted them with the record of the charge they attempted some feeble explanation that made zero sense. So to make clearer, I asked them pointedly, "So are you telling me that when I come in the bank and ask the teller how much money can I withdraw, you guys are giving me money and charging me for it?". Of course, no response to that. Wow. surreal what continues to go unpunished in the most obvious form of domestic terrorism there is. They just help themselves to our money and homes and now our insurance? WTH?

Do you have the county file to show proof of ownership, the deed, legal instrument etc? If you do I would get a lawyer and go for some real damages on this. I wonder if that would be intent to defraud an insurance company, that could possibly , finally, get some federal heat on them..Wells Fargo, pacific national, washington mutual, they all make me physically ill just thinking about them. Between the three , took me for about five thousand dollars. Love the way they intentionally changed the statements intended to confuse any audit attempt , they are sick and their actions reprehensible.

I empathize wholeheartedly and will keep you in my prayers.

J. Thomas