Wells Fargo bought my home equity mortgage.They are now forcing me to purchase MORE flood insurance.

I have more than enough flood insurance to cover Wells Fargo's interest in the property, but they still want more. When I ask why, the only answer they can give me is that it is their requirement. That is rediculous! They opened an escrow account and are forcing this on me.

I told them they are causing the home to be unaffordable and they may as well foreclose. I refuse to pay this unfair and unjust requirement.

Wells Fargo has absolutely no justification for such an action.I hope this is read by many people so that they NEVER do business with the ruthless bank.

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Wells Fargo has a rule that your flood coverage must meet or exceed your homeowners coverage. Rather than increase your flood, you can probably reduce your homeowners to satisfy this requirement. We've never been required to have more insurance than the loan balance.


Wells Fargo mortgage is the worst lender I have ever done business with and I've bought a few homes and dealt with several different lenders.They actually call to harass you if you are even one day late.

Mind you I'm referring to the due date of the loan, not after the late fee is due. So I started harassing them back. I deliberately pay late so they will call and I mess with them. I told the last rep.

"What do you mean I'm two days late? Your records are wrong. I haven't paid in over 3 months." OMG the rep. didn't know what to say.

A few days later I got a call from someone in the mortgage department rather than just a customer service rep. Ha! I didn't speak to him, but I am glad I sent them on a wild goose chase.

Serves them right.If they want to keep harassing innocent good customers, I'll keep harassing them too.


I tell you WELLS FARGO should have stayed in the west coast, and never should have been able to purchase WACHOVIA BANK....BAD MOVE WACHOVIA...


Stick to your guns.Wells Fargo should be ashamed.

I know someone in a very poor little community that has never experienced a flood and Wells Fargo is forcing them to increase their coverage too. They now pay about $2500 in insurance alone on a home they would be lucky to sell for $30,000. So I say let them foreclose if you don't mind a few years of bad credit. It's worth it as far as I'm concerned.

You can rebuild your credit soon enough.SCREW WELLS FARGO!

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