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I am outraged with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. We recently went into foreclosure March 3,2009.

We started out with DHI and then sold to WF. WF raised our monthly mortgage payment by $500 dollars, in May 2008 making oiur home payment over the top. We tried to work out a deal with them actually several and were in the process of doing a short sale and had a buyer. Wells would send paperwork weeks and even months later, or they would say they did not receive certain documents.

We did have a buyer and Wells refused the deal and foreclosed on us the day after we had a buyer sign and put down escrow money. I want to sue them! I am sick of the way they have treated us, now we have foreclosure on our record. We are a family of 5 and are very upset.

The foreclosure did not sell at auction so Wells had to buy it back from themselves. They could have saved alot of trouble if they had just allowed us to sale our home as we had a buyer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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Richard is obviously a ***.

However, I found this site because of my frustration with Wells Fargo STEALING from me!

They are *** CROOKS!


Another satisfied Wells Fargo Victim I mean customer. When they finally foreclose on me after all the BS I have been through I will leave a caandle in the window so they can find the house,,, hope it does not tip over......


I am so over Wells Fargo. I lost my job in December and was needing help.

Did they re-do my loan NO they told me I have until July to reduce my debt (I have no credit card balances only food and utlilites) then they will revisit it. I owed back payments which was also due in total in July. I sent 2 payments that caught me up and the *** applied it to the mortgage!!! Now they say I still owe the money and plus they are screwing up my taxes.

They say I owe 5600 in taxes when it is actually (on public record) 3700. Who is getting the extra 2000??????


All of these other comments are true.

I have been trying since Aug. 2008 to get Wells Fargo to give me a mortgage loan modification.

Three times they denied my application because they said I had to be 90 day's in arears for them to consider me. Then I had to get one of these loan modification companies to intervene because they would not deal with me. After another 3 month s, they gave up and said Well Fargo is a lost cause. Finally, lasy month the presidents Affordibility and Stability plan gave me new hope.

So far a month plus later, nothing! I will most likely have to "walk away" from my home because of their failure to help and their greed. I say greed because last week they posted a 3 BILLION dollar quartarly profit.

It's easy to have a profit when you take free money from the government and just keep it, instaed of helping people keep their homes as this money was intended for.

If anyone else has had this problem with Wells Fargo, I'd like to hear from you.


I agree they do not want people to stay in their homes. they got their big check and you are right they will turn around and sell it and pocket the stimulus money.

We are the one's hurt, what the heck!

The government bails out the big wigs and the little guy suffers. I was one who always paid my mortgage on time but fell behind secondary to personal reasons


I think they want to get the people out of their homes, and not work with them. I am so :zzz !

They are not helping the public what so ever! I think they have already been paid by the stimulis and made pure profit off the government. They want the people out of their homes, to resell at pure profit. I WISH THE GOVERNMENT WOULD GET ON THEIR ***!



First, Richard, learn to spell and secondly, you are the deadbeat!!


*** me Richard! :(


You sound liek a d0uche. Get over it, you're a deadbeat.