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Unfortunately, there is not enough space here for me to fully explain all of my problems dealing with W-F and their mortgage dealings. So here is a synopsis of what I have experienced.

In January of 2006, I fell behind on my mortgage, entirely my fault and I accept full responsibility. After contacting Wells-Fargo and working out a resolution to catch my mortgage up, in accordance with the instruction given by the W-F employee, I overnighted a check to the address specified and verified the letter was received and signed for. Imagine my suprise when a county sherrif showed up at my door 10 days later to serve an eviction notice!! They had sold my home at auction!!!!! AFTER receiving my check!!! Since then I have made over 50 calls to W-F to get this issue resolved woth no success. They have made SEVEN appointments with me to attempt resolution and have stood me up EVERY time. My phone calls go unanswered and not returned. I have a file 3 inches thick of all the documentation I have provided them. One of the documents I provided was a personal Profit/Loss Statement. The girl I talked to said she needed a statement that showed both my gross and my net. I assume she had never seen a P&L before. In my opinion, Wells-Fargo is an institution that specializes in the production of idiots. At that endeavor, they truly excel!!!

Store Location: Canton, Georgia

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agreed - i had them "close" my check card that someone had managed to use without my knowledge... after the 14 business day waiting period to get a new one came and went without a new card (which they said was on its way several times) - I went to a physical bank to get some idea what happened.

They said the card was never closed, nor had a new one been issued. What did come in the mail was the charge dispute claim that had the wrong charges on it...

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