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I have had it with Wells Fargo. I originally signed up with Wachovia because of the university I attended. While I had my differences with Wachovia at times, they were helpful and worked with me. I cannot say the same for Wells Fargo. As soon as the switch happened, their services have gone nowhere but down!

I recently cashed a payroll check. For some reason the check (from a hospital nonetheless) had been returned, not immediately or even 24 hours later but 8 days later! When I addressed this issue with Wells Fargo they were rude and brushed me off. After much persistence from the accountant from the hospital and myself Wells Fargo finally buckled under the pressure and looked in to the issue. Turns out the check was scanned and coded incorrectly by THEIR computerized system.

The check was supposed to be returned to me, but instead was sent to some company in the middle of nowhere to be shred. That would have been fine, but the hospital needed the original check to void it as the Wells Fargo suggested. They could not return the original check but produced a faxed copy of the check for me to present to my employer when they knew the original check would be needed. Would their institution really accept a photocopy of a check to be deemed void?

It is a month later and we finally got everything resolved. It took about 5 branches of their inadequate company, quite a few employees, and a whole month to get their issue resolved. I thought I was in the blue and ready to close my account until I saw I was in the negative due to a charge on my account from the check issue. I was charged extra to have the funds transferred from their scam of a Way-2-Save account and was told that they could not refund the fee because it was sent in a letter to me when the accounts were switched over. They could only refund the fee caused from the check, but could not refund a fee caused by their own bank.

This second issue arose barely a week after I was notified that my account information was comprised by Wells Fargo's SAME computerized system. However, according to their spokesperson I was okay because they do not print social security numbers on statements. Really?

Wells Fargo I suggest you take a long hard look at your business practices. Soon you will be under just as badly as Wachovia if you keep up your rude and obstinate attitude towards your customers. Thank goodness other banks are not as terrible as you are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

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The statement issue was caused by a printer malfunction, the wrong statement pages were mailed to customers who opened their accounts in either Florida or Georgia.

As to the check disaster the micr reader probably scanned it wrong this happens when it is folded across the magnetic ink and part of the number rubs off.

Too bad the customer Service was like that they probably had no clue why the check was returned or how to deal with it at the branch level, and the employees don't have contact info for back office as far as I know.


if you think that a bank is to help you then you need to get a check of life these banks are full of sh^t !! and they need to remember one thing its our money not theirs and they need to stop telling us what we can and caint do with it