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We recently went through the Loan Modification Process. What a Pathetic Joke! After a year of going through the "process", we finally got a modification on our monthly mortgage (very minimum and definitely NOT worth the stress we went through!).

After a year of re-faxing documentation and speaking to "Representatives" (more like idiots) who didn't know what they were doing and just told us any *** to get us off the phone. After a long process and after us being told everything is fine, the next day we received a letter of FORECLOSURE in the mail. It finally took me writing the President of the Company to get action -- and that barely worked!!!!

We still have major problems in dealing with WEllS FRAUDGO. When we call with simple questions about our mortgage, we ALWAYS get the runaround and 100 different answers from their "representatives". It is almost like they WANT to *** and see you fall flat on your face.

It is horrible that this "Program" was set up for people going through a hardship, which we are - my husband lost his job -- and all they do is make your situation so much worse. What goes around comes around!

I hope they get what they deserve in the end for messing up so many people's lives.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

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Wells Fargo and I had a Forebearance Aggreement that I was following when Wells Fargo decided to breach by stating on my monthly mortgage statement that foreclosure preparation has begun. If I wish to retain my property the loan must be brought current immediatly Total of Forebearance Agreement.

Breaching the agreed upon Forebearance Agreement; then tryed to lure me into a deceitful Loan Modification by misleading, and requiring me to do so, and stating that they have investor approval, then making it look like I had requested the Modification. Trying to place the burden of a request on me. They say we must advise you your request for Modification has been denied for the following reasons: "We are unable to come to a mutual agreement." Whatever that is supposed to mean? Then foreclosed (10) days later, and sent me notice of sale (2) weeks after that.

I have tryed to retain an Attorney more than once!

Useless........ aren't any confident enough in themselves to battle with Wells Fargo. It's not a reason that I dont have a case, because I have saved every letter, Mortgage Statement, Bank Statement, even have a Customer Account Activity Report from wells fargo showing they received payments. I have paperwork situated in cronological order, along with the Arizona Revised Statues that were violated.

I have a solid case with nowhere to take it. It is almost pointless to seek an attorney, especially like the first one I had who calls me to meet with him at his office. Upon arrival he asks me If I happen to show up to the Judgment Hearing? I said "No" you are supposed to tell me where and what I showup for.

So he lost that for me!! I have recently submitted a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Fraud directly or indirectly affecting State Commerce for consumers within the state of Arizona by deceitful and misleading practices used to obtain real property. So far Wells Fargo has replied back to the Consumer Complaints Manager with information intended to mislead the Attorney Generals Office, with information not consistant with the records I have saved. I only fear that the Attorney Generals Office will not pursue my case because they may lack a significant amount of complaints from consumers in Arizona related to my complaint.

So perhaps, if you file your complaint with your States Attorney Generals Office, and if the other people that have complained here, file their complaint with their Attorney Generals Office; those Attorney Generals can join together in a lawsuit Action against Wells Fargo since they now have the power to enforce State regulations with a National Bank{Cuomo v/s The Clearing House Assc. 557 U.S.____(2009)}.

Submit anyway, They will inquire with whom you have filed a complaint. At the least you will be able to add their reply as documentation for interpretation in your case


I have complete empathy and compassion for ALL the people that are going through *** with Wells Fargo. We are as well.

I have sent a letter to Mr. Stumpf and received a call today that they will work on our loan and only to contact them not the reps. We will see what will happen...BUT I MUST SAY for those of you who are being ignorant saying "you should have bought a home you could afford, etc." really? SHAME ON YOU!!

Things happen to good people.

You should know and NEVER forget the old saying "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND" so you better watch yourself because you WILL be in the same boat one day and no one will be compassionate towards you. This I promise so WATCH IT!!


WE were upset when our mortage was sold to wells fargo. I am laid off for over a year.

We were two months behind on our mortage. We filed for loan modification. We were able to keep our mortage held at one month behind. It took three months to receive and letter about the loan modification but we were able to get our rate lowered from 6.5% to 4.2% lowering out mortage payment by 300.00 a month.

We are sorry that some folks have not had a good experence with wells fargo, but we did. thank you wells fargo. you helped us save our home!

Good luck and God help all thoes who need help. ;)


We are going through the same thing with them. We have half of our home in storage.

I am so sick of sleeping on the floor. It would not be so bad if it was just me and my husband, but we have two kids.