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My son borrowed some money from me to cover his checking account (debit card) .After he made the deposit , they notified him that the account had been closed .No problem with that .

However they are holding the money he deposited for 25 days before sending him check . That is just wrong . Now I have to "lend" him another large amount of money to get him by . Don't these people realize this is causing him a hardship .I called Wells Fargo and talked to one of their I don't really care customer service reps and totally lost it .

Used language I haven't used in years . This bank really sucks .

People need to do business with small banks .put all these monster banks out of business .

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Humble, Texas, United States #572894

I having been living in my brothers house which is co-owned by our father ..I have been making the monthly payments since march and none of the payment were applied to loan ..So I come home in Tuesday 11/20/2012 and someone was there at the house to change locks...

The money is sitting in "suspense" account and no one knows how the house was foreclosed with no notice to either borrower...I want my $ back or applied to loan !!I hate Wells Fargo


wells fargo is a sick cartoon bank.they are rude and is all about money...


Wondering how many people know they're being ripped off by Wells Fargo on a daily basis.

Did you know that if you pay extra toward your mortgage they don't apply the funds???

If your morgage is $1000.00 and you pay $1500.00 to try to pay it off early, they take the extra and put it in a bucket they call "Unapplied Funds" instead of applying it toward your pricipal on the mortgage.

Thus, they collect interest on the money while it just sits there and you're paying interest on the amount that would have been applied to your account.

They're using your money to make money and charging you to use it.

Even if you have late fee's or any outstanding balance they don't apply it to it.

If you call and ask to have it applied they don't. They state that unless it is a full payment it will not be applied.

Well Fargo.. the rip off artists.

to ripped off Aberdeen, Washington, United States #935349

ya they did the same to me I paid wells fargo foor over 9 years out of 30 years loan every month the statement says principal? but now I found out they have been putting my money in an account where its not being counted as paid for years while they still keep charging you interest on what you already paid!!


If they forcefully closed your sons account...and he didn't know... then he did something seriously wrong. And there is good reason to hold any $ meant for the account due to all the identity theft, etc that has been happening lately.

1. They would have called him before closing his account, he simply didn't answer their calls. 2. They would have mailed him a notice, which he ignored or didn't read.

It's your own fault for not knowing the account was closed. Stop blaming others.

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