Don't even bother going to this bank because they bring up past purchases and slap you with an overdraft fee of $35.You might think you have money until you go the next day and you see so much fees that they never even bother to mentioned.

Not only do they do that but they are always holding your account without even notifying you. Also, when you make a purchase it doesnt appear till the following week and you tend to keep spending because they did not clear this payment and BAM!

OVERDRAFT!Please do not go there because they are legal scam artists and they will rip you off!

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When is it Wells Fargos fault that people can't, or should I say are too lazy to bother to keep track of their purchases, checks, payments, etc?I dont expect WF to wipe my own ***, and neither should you.

Balance your check book and get over yourself.

It's not the banks fault you are an ***.And yes mistakes happen, but you chose to go spend money you didn't have while your check was "clearing." :cry


John G. Stumpf, C.E.O Wells Fargo

1090 Chestnut St, Apt 12

San Francisco, CA 94109-1230

HOME PHONE # (415) 346-8543

Call John at home and tell him that you don’t like frivolous phone call from Wells Fargo. If enough people call him at home he might start to understand!

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