Kapolei, Hawaii

I hate working for wells Fargo. I have not had a promotion since I started working there!

I just found our that my manager and head manager were not promoting me because of my disability. WELLS FARGO IN Southern California IS HORRIBLY DISCRIMINATORY!!! Wells Fargo has made me literally sick. I have never been promoted and I have a great record.

I get in to trouble for having a terminal sickness.

I hate working for the two face people who are higher on the food chain that have never been good at anything in their whole life! Wells Fargo doesn't help you after you open your new money making for wells account!!

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the worst bank i have ever worked for. Personal Banker..its all about lying to customers and your manager riding u daily.

I have self respect and am moving on. If its so great why dont PBs last more than 1 year? Do ur research before taking a PB role. The other 2 pb,s have already quit at my branch after 4 months.

We have 2 floaters plus myself. Im out of there next week myself. Already found another job. I lasted 3 weeks.

I worked for Citizens bank for 10 years and loved it.

I moved and had to quit. Will not miss Wells.


YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOM STILL! haha and you have the nerve to come and talk *** to other people. Go cry to your mommy like you have your whole life...FWF


Marksmilitaria "How about posted here your real name, and Wells Fargo address so we can really see who you are?And post your exact disability??"

Speak for yourself ***...Wells Fargo can burn in ***. I hate that place as well.

Just hope your micromanaging *** gets told where to stick it when the day comes...Wells Fargo is a dictatorship and there is no worse place to work. If you want to be micromanaged by manager who are way under qualified and don't have their degrees then this is the place for you!


Many persons with disabilites work just as hard if not harder than their counterparts. You are probably upper management and able to take your two martini lunch and drive a BMW but living with mom?

Until you live on your own and make your own lunch and dinner, do not throw stones at your co worker.

What a weiny. I would hate to think that they are discriminating and breaking FEDERAL LAWS, I hope my broker is reading because that that person knows that trust is involved.


*** right I work for Wells! and so what if I drank the kool-aid?!

point blank i married wells, this is my life. i am 54 , single, no kids, live with mom and living the dream!

so go die!

i live for wells! I will die for this company!


Marksmilitaria you are a worthless human. Who are you to judge this person.

DO you know them personally and their condition. I think you should work for the Company and probably do! You do not care any more than they do.

This is what is wrong with America. You need to be a man instead of a deadbeat!


Read my article and join us in trying to get legal representation against this horrible company!