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Just when you think a bad company can\'t get any worse they do. I managed to identify and get a miss applied payment corrected and all of the late charges it created reversed.

I am assuming that the powers that be in this company don\'t like it when you point out mistakes, because I have since received a letter stating that per MY request I have been removed from the mortgage assistance program. This was news to me as I had made no request at all. Calling yet again and being passed around to a few people they tell me that since my payments are current that THEY dropped me from the program. I was livid to say the least.

I am now embroiled in a letter writing campaign to get someone in a position of authority at Wells Fargo to explain to me how they can justify their deceitful, misleading, underhanded tactics. I want to know if its their policy for their employees to drag out this process as long as possible so that their customers eventually give up?

I am not giving up! Someone there is going to answer for this.

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I have been trying for 5 months to get my mortgage modified. I have faxed and re-faxed all the forms they requested. I have called every week for months asking for a status, only to be told that its being reviewed by the underwriters.

Apparently they have 8000 + loans in active foreclosure with sales pending and have to review those first. At this rate my loan will never get reviewed.

I took money from my 401K to catch up my payments and they applied them incorrectly and now they are telling me I am 2 months behind again. I tried talking to them tonight, spoke to 4 different people, got cut off once and in the end was told they couldn't help me.

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I wrote my letter to the CEO of Wells Fargo regarding our experience with their "LOAN PRESERVATION" department. I'm not shocked that I have received no response.

I pretty much figured that the employees there weren't providing the rotten service on thier own, it has to come from the top down.

I do agree with you Sheila, if there was anyway to start a movement to have everyone who banks with them leave, I would be the biggest supporter. Unfortunately so many people don't want to rock the boat, I'm not one of them.

I will keep up the fight and continue writing my letters. Thank you for your supportive comments, I'm glad I'm not alone.


I agree, they are horrible. They are collecting houses like people do stamps.

They must be getting a kick back from all these homes. They will threaten to foreclose on you if you are behind 1 month. It's like they can't wait to get your house. Maybe they are getting them to house their employees?

Who knows.

People need to worry about the deficiency, I hear Wells Fargo is the worst!!!!!!!! I think everyone in the US who has a bank account with them should leave, everyone,

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