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wells fargo did not notify the fl default of my foreclosure suspension... and dispite paying my monthly mortgage payments on a mortgage modification loan approved by wells fargo after countless of financial worksheets etc.

my home was sold after approx. 1 year after the foreclosure suspension... and guess who bought the my house from a foreclosure auction.... Wells fargo did, they bought a loan they knew was not in foreclosure...

and now I had to write a letter to their resolution dept. to fix this issue, but im told only a judge can reverse it. What judge is going to reverse a judgement by another judge? This is unbelievable that they can get away with this...

they have a terrible operator system... you can never resolve anything because they rarely input your conversations... so the next time you call that operator hasnt a clue who you are or what you have been trying to resolve... and they just pass the buck, when they get tired of explanations that go in circles they transfer you to some one else and of course they dont have a clue who u r and the cycle starts all over again...

its a scam.... and people are loosing their homes for mistakes wells fargo makes, or maybe they are not mistakes...

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