Brandon, Mississippi

June 10, 2010

Attn: To All News Media Outlets and the Whitehouse.

Re. Bad Business with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a concerned worker for Wells Fargo Mortgage, Who want to remain private for now. A copy of this e-mail and some facts is being sent out to every news outlet in the USA. Also I think legal action and criminal charges need to be brought against Wells Fargo Company andsome of the big Executives and many of the staff as well. After seeing a lot of wells fargo homeowners have their home foreclosed on as well the harrssing phone calls and underhanded fees that the homeowners are being charged. They (Wells Fargo Home Mortgageas well the company) should be exposed on a national stage just like countrywide Mortgage.Just recently countrywide mortg./ Bank of America was ordered to $108 millions back to itshomeowners, cause of the tactics they were doing to the homeowners. Wells Fargo will keepdoing the sneaky underhanded stuff until they are caught or better yet hit in their pocketsor better yet brought to their knees. Let me start off by saying that wells fargo was the servicerof freddie mac 1st. This is why freddie mac forced wells fargo to by many of the loans they(Wells Fargo) was servicering. Due to the freddie mac was missing so much profit andthat many of the loans freddie was behind was being foreclosed on. Due to wells fargo was mishandling the mortgage payments on purpose to force homeowners intoforecloser.After my info that I'm about to provide , you will see a sample of statementsthat have been posted on the net about the problems homeowners are having with Wells Fargo Mortgage. There are hundereds of thousands major complaintsand many lawsuites against Wells Fargo as well. Oh by the way at least 5 to 8 books are either being put together or in the process of being publishedabout the bad dealing and illegal tactics that Wells Fargo has done and stilldoing to the homeowners. Well 1st of when a payment is sent to wells fargo by mail,we are told to stall as much as possible to apply the payments. Therefore a late feecan be added to the customer. This apply to home or auto loans. As far as foreclosing onhomes, we are taught to talk the homeowner into doing a loan Mod. or sometimes forcethe homeowner into a loan mod. If and when the the homeowner is going through theloan mod process, it normally takes 2wks to 30 days. We many of times take our time processing the loan mod, which means the homeowners will get behind in their payments.Also the homeowner gets behind in their mortgage cause during the loan mod processthe homeowner is told do not send any payments while this process is going on. Thereforethe homeowners gets far behind. If the homeowner sends a mortg. payment to Wells Fargo anyway , Wells Fargo will send it back. This happened a lot to manyof the hurricane Katrina Victims. From Louisana, Alabama , and Mississippijust to name a few. I can recall when Hurricane Katrina hit , there was a freeze onmortg. payments. Due to the fact jobs and homes were either destroyed of damage very badly. After the storm at left and the cleanup started 100% of thehomeowners were told to make a mortgage payment. The catch was that you asa homeowner had to pay your current month and back pay 2 months. No paymentplan was worked out. This is when Wells Fargo felt this was a easy waymake major money on the homeowners. Not to mention Congress WomanMaxine Waters did a special on either abc news or nbc news regardinghow Wells Frago is stiffing the homeowners. Not to mention they love tojack up your mortgage and foreclose on your home for their profit. Keep in mind this was going on while they Wells Fargo was the servicer for freddie mac.Before I forget dosen't Wells Fargo the company I work for suppose to bepaying back money to the government. It was mentioned 1 time on the newsand that was it. Also the FBI is investing an interest in wells fargo as well.Dealing with the tactics they are using on homeowners and much more. I have seenwher we were offered bonuses to call and harrass the homeowners at home or eventheir work place even if they are not late on a payment. We were also told to make as manydo a loan mod to jack up their monthly payments and tio make the homeowner send in extra money as a huge startup payment to do the loan mod. If u and who ever else read this letter and look at many of the negative statements about Wells Fargo Mortgage and put it out via news wires. Basically asking homeownersto come forward watch home many come out with documents talking about theirproblems with wells fargo home mortgage. Many people across the country were forced intobankruptcy due to Wells Fargo Tactics.. For example if you type anything negative and attach wells fargo home mortgage to it , watch the number of pages that will pop up. The office infort mills South Carolina really need to be looked at. That office has a lot to due with the mishandling of Loan Mod. No one wants to to be going through the process of losingtheir home or even having more chages put on them. Alot of us at Wells Fargofeel what we are told to do is wrong . Wells Frago should be liable to pay every homeownerback they have to file bankruptcy or going through a tricky loan mod process or even jackedup the homeowner payments for no reason. Also the nasty and underhanded phone calls. I thinkfreddie mac can breathe a little easier that they are not dealing Wells Fargo Mortgage. This should be also forwarded to many lawyers so they can start a major lawsuite as well as the attorneygenerals in many of the states. Also Eric Holder will also get a a copy of this information as wellas HUD. Here are a few samples from the net concerning Wells Fargo to follow :

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Complaints - Harassing calls!

Wells Fargo is my last choice for future mortgages. I currently have two mortgages with them, one is a rental property. I've had the rental loan for 7 years now. I've never had to pay a late fee. The tenants have until the 5th to pay, so I send out the payment to WF on the 8th. I have until the 15th according to the loan docs. Since last year they call my home at all hours, weekdays and weekends to harass me until they get the payment. They wake up my toddler and interrupt our family dinners. Whenever I talk to a rep, they are rude and condescending. I am outraged!

yes i fully agree with you on this the bank says were not behind but yet the collections says we are and they are constantly calling us, the best suggestion i can tell you is not to even answer your phone and oh yea right after they call and you see their number they will go to 1800 number so becareful with that. I wish there was someway they can get in trouble for all this try talking to them about hardships and they dont even help you.

Yes I am having the same problem. They are harassing me with phone calls when I am not late until the 15th of the month. I have been paying them 1/2 my mortgage payments every two weeks when we get paid. This helps with our budget. I have all my receipts and have gone to the bank locations to get help communicating with the mortgage customer service. once we are done with the call everything sounds like it is a okay and they will be fixed. Oh no, next month comes around and it starts all over again. Wells Fargo is posting my payments incorrectly and I am receiving harassing phones stating I am behind and if I am planning on staying in the house. I am sick of them threatening me when I am not behind on my payments until the 15th of the month. This has got to stop.

We are having the same problem. Our Mortgage was with Wachovia and got bought by Wells Fargo in October and this has been the WORST experience that we have ever had. We have never been late with a mortgage payment since we bought this house. We have until the 16th to pay the payment and depending on the way our bills fall we have to wait until the next pay period to pay it. The thing that has us mad is that we never were notified that our mortgage was switching to Wells Fargo we only recieved a statement in the mail. Two months later when one of the customer service reps called her comment to me was "we did not ask for you business", not to mention how rude she was from the very beginning. So I rudely explained to her that it was us that did not ask for their business. It clearly has on the the statement "pay this amount after the 16th" so if there is an issue with me paying my mortgage in between that time then maybe they shouldn't have a grace period. This morning they called AGAIN and I was told that the contract I signed with them states, So I had to explain to him that we never signed a contract with Wells Fargo only with Wachovia. So his statement to me was that we need to pay our mortgage on the 1st to stop recieving the phone calls. Who the *** are these people. Then he wanted to take the payment over the phone. Sorry I make my payments online and then I explained to him that I will wait for their phone calls every month b/c I will wait until the VERY LAST MINUTED to pay my mortgage payment.

Voices Against Wells FargoCombining the news and voices to expose Wells Fargo poor ethics and practicesAbout Useful Facts

SUBSCRIBE NOWRSS Feed | CommentsModification Signed, I SHOULD be happyJust this weekend I finally signed what I've been dreaming about for 2.5 years, modification documents. Even before I looked at the documents, I laughed to myself. "Wow this timing is interesting, right when all the banks are being beat up by congress and the treasury". Sure enough. It's not really a modification, it's the bank buying time. My modification is good for two years, but after two years I'm in a worse position than I was to being. The reason why it's worse is because after two years I go back to my old interest rate, with now a higher principle balance. They took all past due amounts and added them to principle, so after I complete the 2 year agreement I have a large amount at a higher interest rate.What the banks are doing is buying time, they still want to screw us, but they need to shut up Congress and the Treasury. Of course I sign the *** thing, because I need the help. But my plan is to every 30 days submit a for a new modification, and If I am able to save the proper amount of money sue Wells Fargo.If you also received this modification please keep up the fight. If you neglect it you will be very upset in two years that you are re-living what you have been trying so hard to stop.

Fighting a modification company ( American Financial, Pleasanton CA ), starting over modification with Wells Fargo Equity, research. Ok ok, I have not posted in a long time, it's not that I'm now content, or finished with modification ***. It's that life has been a serious struggle and little time to do more then just keep alive. My recent fun has been fighting with my modification company. They apparently are to blame for my file being closed with Wells Fargo Equity. Wells Fargo Equity, I must say, unlike Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is way more together. They too hear the complaints about Mortgage. They don't loss documents, as often, they find resolutions, and are helpful. But recently they notified me that my file was closed because they never received updated documents like they had asked. You mean the ones I sent in January to my modification company? yes those! Well the modification company sent them to the wrong place, or did not send them at all.This post is really about how bad modification companies are, they don't speak to anyone special. They don't have any magic powers. They do no more then you can. If you understand that the only value of a modification company is to keep your documents in order and keep on top of things, then you are right, but finding a modification company that even does that is hard! They will tell you a lot of fancy things to get you to write a check. DON'T If you can at all manage the process yourself do. *** you are in a money problem anyways, don't spend more.American Financial now called Liberty Law Firm in Pleasanton CA. Is a scam. They actually were on top of things, but now have so many customers make many mistakes. They took money when they should not have, and they lied about services to get customers. By chance if you are working with them stop!UPDATE:So I'm still making my "modified" payments, still no sign of closing docs. Send updated information EVERY month. Had 3 negotiators, 2.5 years later still in as much fun as I ever was with Wells Fargo.3rd modification, new black holeI did it, I made the third modification payment on the "trial" modification. But I made the payment 2 months ago! Now what……. Oh yeah I wait, again, waiting. Oh yeah then I send documents, they lose them, then I wait again. When the final docs arrive I will sign them, and throw a "I'm keeping my house party" you are invited, no one from Wells is invited except for the few we have to be the donkey on pin the tail on the donkey.

Wells Fargo Bad I was reading some of the reviews on Wells Fargo and want you all to know, not only do they practice shoddy banking practices with YOUR money, they also stink at auto loans. My husband bought a car and financed it with Wells Fargo, he purchased his auto insurance with American Family Ins. The agent sent in the paperwork, okay every thing is fine so far. 1 year later on December 4,2006 we took out a different policy with the same company, (just changed some coverage $ amounts) but they issued us a new policy number and the next day, 12-05-06 canceled the old policy. March of 2007 I received our car payment notice with an attached $58.00 charge for insurance. They claim our insurance was canceled so they are charging us for insurance. I had our Insurance agent call the Insurance company that Wells Fargo uses twice, April 3 and again May 2,2007. He faxed over the policy information and told them verbally that we have had insurance coverage all along with no lapse. This should have been the end of the problem but it has turned into a night mare. The insurance company continually says we are up to date when I call them. Wells Fargo continually sends us collection notices and harassing phone calls. I have since paid it even though I do not owe it just to keep it off our credit report, and I think that is the worst way to have to clear up a problem. When I call, Wells Fargo says it's the insurance company's computers and the insurance company says it's Wells Fargo's computer problem. Any suggestions on how to handle these incompetent companies?Their Mortgage Dept is No Better I came across this post while searching for others that are having issues with WF - and our fight is just beginning. Our farm was devastated by a dericho storm system that came through our area, destroying our barn, garage, many trees, ripping off our roof and part of the siding of our home. We were without power and water for almost a week. Our insurance company promptly came and issued a check for the damage. Our mortgage on the home is through Wells Fargo, so the check must be endorsed by them as well. They require you to fill out a stack of paperwork, get bids from contractors for all work (even if your capable of fixing something yourself), W9s from all the contractors you got bids on, then send to them. After weeks of waiting, you get 1/3 of your insurance money. You must front most of the money to get repairs going, you wont get all your insurance money until the repairs are 100% complete AND PAID FOR. They even offered me a 2nd mortgage to cover the cost of repairs while they hold onto my insurance check. Stay far far away from all Wells Fargo, home, banking.wells screwed me too To: Whoever will read thisPardon the agitated style of this letter. The events of the last few days continue to be remarkable, alarming, chaotic, surreal, and desperate. Wells Fargo Financial Corporation Canada is appropriating my home WELLS FARGO, the perfect front. The pitiful, pliable, "customer service" team is perhaps the most ingenious part of this fine-tuned plan. Heartless humans honed to keep hope alive. Their malicious intent is to steal your home. Their charade of goodwill is unforgivable. I have been in contact, or attempted to contact everyone including but not limited to "customer service", loss mediation, property loss, and local branch manager. Still no resolutions have been put forward. Wells Fargo is trying to rob me of my home. And are succeeding. With fraudulent business practices. It seems they have the power to overcome business ethics and moral values. I have been in communication with Wells Fargo, but my feeling is that all they want to proceed with foreclosure.I am being forced to rent my home in its entirety for less then the mortgage value. I have to stay with relatives. I am renting the home out to some students for $1000 a month. They have prepaid for one year. ) They were so enthusiastic to get my business. I got a 100% financed mortgage. The interest was at 7% they told me after 3 years, if I made all my payments on time and the same or better income, that they would refinance my home at a lower interest rate.I made all payments on time (directly taken out of my checking account) and my income has become higher. Well here we go, they will not refinance my home at a lower rate. Then they said I could pay over$2600 a month instead of the $1600 I was paying for the last three years. Yes, bait and switch does seem to be the Wells Fargo Standard operating procedure. (DEF. denoting a deceptive method of selling, by which customers, attracted to a store by sale items, are told either that the advertised bargain item is out of stock or is inferior to a higher-priced item that is available.)I was sufficient to get the house, but not good enough to refinance at a lower interest rate!(Or even the same rate, I would have even expected a $100-200 increase because we added property taxes).So why the big hassle from my mortgage company? I cannot explain it. I have not received any correspondence from Wells FargoWhen I called in to renew I dealt with a women named Lelani, I cannot get her last name. She never once advised me how much my payments would be and just said to go into a branch to sign the papers. I went in to find out that my mortgage payments went from 1600 a month to 2600 a month with no warning. She also did not allow me to read the documents and simply stated if we do not sign now that wells Fargo "will foreclose immediately" on my home. I am under the understanding that they must provide 72 hours to read the documents. I was not allowed this. We had to take drastic measures and move out of our house, stay with relatives The rent we get from tenants doesn't even come close to the mortgage so we pay for a house we can't even live in. They are awful!!!!!!! There is no human compassion there- AT ALLThey are rude and treat me like a low life. My favorite question from them is "Do you plan on keeping your house?" That just is degrading. I completely regret financing with them.Wells Fargo, you screwed me on the way up and now I'm going to *** on your way down. Hope the profit is worth it

Your request is being processed...

Wells Fargo Mortgage Company the fear tactics they use, whistle blowing on their company fort mill, South CarolinaCategory: Work place bulliesSubmitted: Tuesday, May 04, 2010Posted: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 These guys claim they are one of the good guys but they can't even police their own houses. if you work here, you will poorly trained and at the mercy of supervisors who are bullies and have mastered the art of mangerial manipulation, ...they bend rules to meet their own agenda often leaving worker humiliated and confused. Do be guilded by the way your enticed to apply with wages and bonous...the managers have found a way to go back on their word and bully you...30 minute lunches for 8 hours of having you ear to the phone, I have heard other agents misrep and without knowing what their situation is I can bet they are directly responsible for people losing their homes...what a great company....they have no HR on site so you are at the mercy of power hungry supervisors who lie, cheat and steal...your word is nothing compared to theirs...

Report: America's Servicing Company (affliate Of Wells Fargo Mortgage)America's Servicing Company (affliate Of Wells Fargo Mortgage) WELLS FARGO Use of Misappropriation of Funds and Fraudulent Accounting Practices to Steal Consumers' Homes Des Moines, IowaAfter countless attempts to resolve the following issues amicably via telephone and written correspondence with America Servicing Company/Wells Fargo I am now seeking third party assistance. The aforementioned companies have made incessant and purposeful accounting errors on my home loan and are using fraudulent accounting practices to try to illegally foreclose on my (and many other home owners) home without cause or proper legal notice. ASC has already lost several of my payments and previously foreclosed on my home in 2006 even though I had proof of payment in the form of a Cashier's Check and an attorney signed letter/receipt on the Law Firm's letter head that was accepting the payments for ASC at the time. I was later told that "it was all a mistake" and ASC later 'reversed the sale of my home' but never updated the municipal, tax or public records to indicate that I am the owner of the property. I have now been going through a similar challenge with ASC/Wells Fargo again since October 2007 and am in the process of fighting for my rights to retain my home after having made ALL of my mortgage payments (with corroborating documentation).As space is limited, here is a summary of some of the problems that Wells Fargo (doing business as ASC-America Servicing Company) has refused to address or resolve:1. ASC refused to set me up in a timely fashion on their Auto Payment Plan. They finally set me up on their Plan several months later after I was forced to make phone payments and pay a "convenience/service fee" with each payment.2. ASC reanalyzed my Escrow Account 3 times within a couple of months and changed my mortgage payment on 3 separate occasions, adding hundreds of dollars per month to my mortgage payment without notice.3. ASC unauthorized and undisclosed change in the amount drafted from my bank account caused several expensive overdraft fees. They promised to reimburse me for the fees but later refused to do so.4. ASC cancelled my Auto Payment Plan without notice and refused to cash my paper checks that I sent to replace the payments, then claimed that I wasn't making my payments--though I had proof of said payments.5. I then made a phone payment with ASC's own pay-by-phone system. Ironically, ASC again claimed that they never received said payment and initially didn't include it in their own Accounting Payment Recap. Of course, my own bank had receipt of not only the payment but also the recipient...ASC.6. ASC continually added late fees to my mortgage account even though I was making timely payments. I was told by two different Customer Service Representatives that the late fees would be reversed/refunded to me. However, like the overdraft fee refund promise...ASC never delivered on this fee refund promise either.7. Every conversation with ASC/Wells Fargo rep or Supervisor leads to a different story about the errors, overages, proposed refunds, missing then found payments, etc.8. Force Placed Insurance was added to my mortgage loan--although ASC had proof of insurance maintained by the Condominium Association--which again spiked my mortgage payment. I was supposed to receive a refund for said Force Placed Insurance along with a refund of the corresponding other fees that had been assessed. Only a partial Insurance refund was issued much later than agreed.9. I was sent an Escrow Disclosure Statement with a substantial surplus (several thousand dollars) and was told that I would receive the refund once my payments were current. Clearly my payments were current had ASC followed proper accounting practices instead of losing/misplacing and misappropriating my payments and/or refusing to cash the checks that I sent to their office (some by Certified Mail/ Return Receipt).10. ASC/Wells Fargo has purposefully and maliciously reported incorrect negative information to the 3 National Credit Bureaus, thus severely damaging my previously stellar credit rating and making it impossible for me to refinance with another mortgage company.The above 10 items and the previously outlined "accidental foreclosure/unlawful sale of my home in 2006" are just the very tip of the iceberg of egregious behaviour and unlawful practices that I have been the victim of by Wells Fargo doing business as America Servicing Company. I am actively looking to help as many people as possible that are (or have in the past) experiencing the same or addtional problems with either of these two companies. If anyone is aware of a class action lawsuit already in existence against either or both of these companies, please contact me immediately. Otherwise, I will be more than willing to do the work to seek assistance in organizing one, as I have seen numerous cries for such an opportunity from my fellow Rip Off Report Victims of ASC/Wells Fargo.America's Servicing Company - Wells Fargo Home Mortage Wells Fargo Mortgage Based oStarting September 2008, until today, over 12 months andthousand of hours of ***. *** without air, *** in horrible flame and *** inpain, is my "loan modification." Pain of ***, pain of my life and my existenceits all part of your scenario that's been planned for years. I am now thevictim of this scenario and total destruction. Destruction in every sense,physical, psychological, mental and destruction of my soul - - my all lifecrumbling before me in every sense of the word. After unlimited of phone callsmy mortgage carriers, American Servicing Company division by Wells Fargo Bankand Citi Mortgage of trying to modify myloan, their final question was when am I going to send the money I own them?Since that time I have become their a victim of illness, medicine, followed byKaiser, as their patient ( losing huge amount of money and work hours if somemoney lefts goes to Doctors)and finely become disable and enable to perform any work duty last two month"leave of absente" of work and very soon even lost my job. The worst part is,you know exactly what scenario I am talking about. Scenario and act of GeorgeW. Bush, and bank's CEOs. "Is really the scenario of fraud, theft and scams."Your games started back in 2004 when you encouraged the media to tell theAmerican people to buy homes now, that the economy and Real Estate in goodshape and that this was the best and easiest time for the middleclass(especially first time Home buyers) to realize their American Dream ofhome-ownership. It was propaganda of encouragement that told us that banks arewaiting and ready of finance our mortgages 100 percent. Buy, Buy,

Buy, be proud ofbeing a first time homeowner, if you don't buy today, tomorrow may be too late.Today, you are blaming us and calling us" luck of equity" I call that phraseyour luck of fraud and scams. And I am one of those cases, one among millionsall across the country. You brain washed me into thinking that if I didn't buyright away I was never going to be able to. You told me that property value wasgoing up so fast I would never going to be able to buy a home unless I boughtright away, the value of my small condo went up double within a year before I bought it (below 200 thousand above 400thousand) even worst apprised wrong at that moment. When I tray to do refinanceon "APR Loan" I been told you been ***, who sold you at this price, and whoapprised, and who did this crazy Loan? It way below worth and I can't' do anything.Unfortunately, this was your goal the planned scenario to make families likemain the middle class "" poor class. At that time I was self-employed "SmallFamily Business" you eat and destroyed my business and all money I made, and 48hrs hard work day by days went in your packets). All motivated ahard-honest-dedicated working person your goal was to place them from themiddle class to poor class, to work for an hourly wage and that's how theseinnocent people became your CEO's personal slaves. In my case the slaves ofASC-Wells Fargo and Citi Mortgage CEOs. My money and my life in your hands.During these past five years of my money in your hands, you well thought outscenario of scams has ruined me my family life, my family business and I havebecome your victim. Now I am the one working for an hourly wage trying to keepmy life together while you continue to rob me of everything I have. After you tookit all, you are now expecting me to continue to work for an hourly wage and owna home? This is not possible, I cannot make $3.000 even more working for anhourly wage to cover your needs mortgage expenses. It does not support yourplan and your scams, and now you tell me I don't qualify to keep my home. So ifI make enough money you tell me no modification is needed, but If I don't makemoney you tell me I don't qualify "" leaving me no options. So after 30 days(frame time "evection" is here) you want to put me on the street. Which means,from your slavery scenario the homeless on the street is not good enough foryou, you are not happy that you can't have the dollar of the homeless, becauseby that chance I may get to keep the money I beg on the street for, and that;not good enough cause this means the money won't be in you hands neither inyour hands, IRS, the government nor the doctors.So now I truly am the victim of total destruction in yourabusive scenario along with all mortgages bank lenders which I was transferredand sold numerous times. The scenario: it's not enough for the middle class tobe homeless and poor, but they need to destroyed an keeled by you and make moreroom for new victims make them slaves especially in this Abusive Economy morewashed brains more profit for you.

NOT LONG BEFORE I WAS VICTIM OF ETHNIC WAR IN Sarajevo BIHand here USA Victim of Economic war, Moral war, Ethic war, human war ex. ***and shame on you.

September 30, 2009 S.D.

Thoughts, questions are attacking me, my brain, and my soul.Where I would be if I didn't lost my home and country? What and where I would be if the Englishlanguage is not my second language? Especially me as an immigrant when is theend to be the victim of this *** and of many others hells? What is next whenmy soul needs just little bit brake and happiness? I was believed I find thebeautiful country. I was believed I deserved to be here.

Is this the time for big question? "TO BE OR NOT TO BE" W.Shakespeare????????????????????????n their mistakes they foreclosed my property Des Moines, Iowa


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The Federal housing should shut Wells Fargo Down!

They make money off fraudulent loans.


I agree with many of the comments made here indicating not to trust Wells Fargo. They rejected 2 of my short sale offers and within 10 days of rejecting my offers, WF foreclosed on home and auctioned it for a price less than my short sale offers!!

They came after me to settle on the balance on my 2nd lien, which I did settle. Now after 3.5 years, they after me again for more money.

They are just ridiculous and should not be in the business of banking and mortgage. WELLS FARGO IS THE WORST BANK EVER.


I am currently gathering evidence (fraud, harassment) against wells fargo.

everyone sue the *** out of these ***


I hate wells fargo, they are the worst. I am dealing with them now due to the June 1st tornado.

I can't believe they get to hold on to MY ins money and I have to ask for it like I'm some child.

They are the worst Mortgage Co. ever...I hate you wells fargo!!!!


i can't believe what i have just read. i've been going thru this loan modifacation thing with wells fargo myself about 2 years.

now all of a sudden with thirty days notice (dec. 1st of 10 i got a foreclouser notice, forclouser is due to happen on 2/01/11. since dec i've trying everything to get this stopped. i only have untill tomarrow to hear from them.

frankly i don't think it will happen.

I should have filed bankruptcy and been done with them,oh!by the way I was never late in ten years. my wife told me, you can't trust anyone and i think she maybe right!!!


Wells Fargo and I had a Forebearance Aggreement that I was following when Wells Fargo decided to breach by stating on my monthly mortgage statement that foreclosure preparation has begun. If I wish to retain my property the loan must be brought current immediatly Total of Forebearance Agreement.

Breaching the agreed upon Forebearance Agreement; then tryed to lure me into a deceitful Loan Modification by misleading, and requiring me to do so, and stating that they have investor approval, then making it look like I had requested the Modification. Trying to place the burden of a request on me. They say we must advise you your request for Modification has been denied for the following reasons: "We are unable to come to a mutual agreement." Whatever that is supposed to mean? Then foreclosed (10) days later, and sent me notice of sale (2) weeks after that.

I have tryed to retain an Attorney more than once!

Useless........ aren't any confident enough in themselves to battle with Wells Fargo. It's not a reason that I dont have a case, because I have saved every letter, Mortgage Statement, Bank Statement, even have a Customer Account Activity Report from wells fargo showing they received payments. I have paperwork situated in cronological order, along with the Arizona Revised Statues that were violated.

I have a solid case with nowhere to take it. It is almost pointless to seek an attorney, especially like the first one I had who calls me to meet with him at his office. Upon arrival he asks me If I happen to show up to the Judgment Hearing? I said "No" you are supposed to tell me where and what I showup for.

So he lost that for me!! I have recently submitted a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Fraud directly or indirectly affecting State Commerce for consumers within the state of Arizona by deceitful and misleading practices used to obtain real property. So far Wells Fargo has replied back to the Consumer Complaints Manager with information intended to mislead the Attorney Generals Office, with information not consistant with the records I have saved. I only fear that the Attorney Generals Office will not pursue my case because they may lack a significant amount of complaints from consumers in Arizona related to my complaint.

So perhaps, if you file your complaint with your States Attorney Generals Office, and if the other people that have complained here, file their complaint with their Attorney Generals Office; those Attorney Generals can join together in a lawsuit Action against Wells Fargo since they now have the power to enforce State regulations with a National Bank{Cuomo v/s The Clearing House Assc. 557 U.S.____(2009)}.

Submit anyway, They will inquire with whom you have filed a complaint. At the least you will be able to add their reply as documentation for interpretation in your case


We tried for a year to modify our loan and at the end were told the "investor" would not allow the loan to be modified. They would not deliver that in writing, though and were really nasty when I asked for it in writing.

I found that very suspicious. Our loan is serviced by ASC.

Now 2 yrs later, we had to file for bankruptcy and our lawyer is attempting our modification again, it has been almost another year since he began the process and all we get is the runaround, we had been current on our loan all along, trying our hardest to keep our home, now we are behind on our payments and in a bankruptcy and no modification. Turns out ASC is Wells Fargo.