y by a certain time (and we did before time was up) They received the money (Approx $10,000.00) held it in escrow and turned it over to an attorney who mailed us a lis pendens. We had to raise another 10k approx. and do a forbearance.

Now we are in debt over our heads and this would never have happened if Wells Fargo would have kept their word which they put in writing saying they would not foreclose. They fed-exed us a loan modification package and said to forget about the lis penden. They lied!

I have dates, who I spoke with, and documentation. If you are interested, I can mail you the facts behind the whole story. It is more than 30 long. pages.

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If you would like to learn how to fight the fraud the may have committed in your mortgage documents, please go to endlessfrauddetection.com and see what they have to offer. They can have your results of the audit in less than 30 days and if there is fraud in the original docs you could have a good case.

If you like what you see contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com I have audits from them and the SEC pool audit is so damning my attorney says it's a slam dunk.

Oh an if you have already been foreclosed upon they can go back 3years and audit those as well. Then you may be able to sue for treble damages because you suffered a loss because of fraud.

Springfield, Nebraska, United States #228924

Please read my article on here and contact me. Good Luck.

Springfield, Nebraska, United States #228918

Please read my article on here. I am going through something similar. Email me after reading it if your interested.

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