Since March of this year we have been trying for a loan modification with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. We have submitted all the requested paperwork at least 3 times.When we have called back, there response was it was in the "review department".We have re-submitted the paperwork again because they stated something wasn't recieved.Now we have recieved a letter from an attorney saying we are in foreclosure.How can this be, when are application has "been under review.How can this be!

Now we have to contact the attorney,so they can contact the mortgage company to verify all the information.

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This is exactly what we have been dealiing with and now after 2 1/2 years, they decide to foreclose! BS


We understand completely.This is the biggest scam I have ever encountered.

We started the process in 2012. Received no assistance and got no where. Hired a third party to intervene to no avail. This was done almost a year ago.

We still have not received a modification, instead they wanted to give us a prepayment plan and raise our note another $800.00 a month.

Which makes no sense what so ever.If we are struggling

to make the current payment why would they think we could add another $800.

They have no intention of modifying our loan and have wasted 2 years of our time.

:( :cry


The same exact thing happened to my husband and I. We are having to file Chapter 13 to save our home. I just pray we can save our home.



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1 Why are you getting this notice?

If you have already retained a lawyer for this matter, please disregard this letter. Is your principle loan balance more than what your home is worth? Have you exhausted your requests for help from your lender in getting your loan modified?

Our office is in the process of filing a Complex Tort Action (lawsuit) against lenders on behalf of homeowners throughout the country for potentially fraudulent lender/servicer actions. We are not in the business of seeking loan modifications as statistics have shown that loan modifications are not a long term solution to homeowners' problems.

The goal of this litigation is to reduce the interest rate, monthly payment, and

principal balance for qualified borrowers through litigation. Additionally, we will seek monetary compensation for damages.

If you are experiencing foreclosure or sale date problems, our team can help guide you in the proper direction.

To determine whether your loan or mortgage matches the criteria being considered for a potential lawsuit, please contact this...

The Berger Law Group, P.A., is a collective of attorneys investigating the methods and practices used by banks, originators, servicers and other participants to induce borrowers into financing or refinancing high cost or high interest rate mortgages.

Factors that we consider and investigate to determine your eligibility as it relates to Alleged Deceptive Practices and Investigation of AllegedMisrepresentation:

(i) The Defendants' deception in inducing Plaintiffs to enter into loans and mortgages from approximately 2001 through 2010 and which were acquired or are serviced by Defendants;

(ii) The illegal use of MERS (The Mortgage Electronic Registration System) in connection with those loans and mortgages, and Mortgage Note Origination;

(iii) The Defendants’ failure to perform their obligations required pursuant to accepting modification TARP funds;

(iv) The Defendant’s breach of Plaintiffs’ statutorily protected rights;

(v) The Defendants’ breach and willful violation of numerous consumer and homeowner

protection statutes, and the willful violations of unfair business practices statutes;

(vi) Accepting money, transferring alleged assets, and foreclosing upon alleged assets in instances where the alleged assets do not exist, and which these Defendants have no right, title, or interest upon which they can act, Patriot Act Violations/Unlawful Funding of Note;

(vii) Defendant’s continuing tortuous conduct.

Please be advised: Statutes of limitations have begun to toll, and this is a factor which may bar your claims in the


We are not sponsored by or affiliated with your current lender. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. Pre-selection criteria and audit of home loan consists of loan amount, loan to value percentages, date of loan, and residential jurisdiction. Eligibility status for representation is based on numerous criteria. Results will vary on a case by case basis. We do not guarantee a successful outcome. The Berger Law Group can help you determine whether the available legal alternatives are appropriate for your personal circumstances. This advertisement does not constitute legal advice. Our team of lawyers coordinated by The Berger Law Group, P.A., have substantial experience in lender fraud and related claims.

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I could have written this.But I have been dealing with this for 3 years.

While in review, I lost my job and WF stopped the modification and I have had a first continuance for foreclosure hearing.I never have a minute when I am not worrying about where I will go.


I understand the frustration..I did get a completed loan mod with wells fargo made my payment about $100 lower, not the best but I guess that was the best they could do it was explained to me why but whatever..

no excuses for wells fargo but I had one of those single point for conttact people in their mod dept, and she explained how since the housing crash so many people have been trying to do loan mods, and she told me how she is assigned to me and about 400 people she has to help, I guess they are extremely busy and have alot of government things to go by..either way good luck everyone!


For all of you posting on here.I fought with them for 3 years.

I researched and read a lot to try and find help. I'm sure all of you have looked at computer screens for hours a week doing the same. I finally read a article that told me to go to the OCC (Office of the comtroller of currency) They regulate banks and it's free. You can file your complaint on there web site.

With in a week I had a call from a higher up at Wells and my next mod attempt went through in about 4 months. Also keep all your dates when you send things or talk to someone. Dates, times,and names. They always say they lost something or change their tune from what was said in your last phone call.

I beat them. You just have to play smart.

Also make sure you do the call to hamp for your credit counsling.Best of luck and I hope all of you win.


I received a modification from Wells Fargo, after 33 submissions (they kept losing my information)and almost a year of greif and it turned out to equal about $20.00 a month difference.....gee Thanks!!!!!


Our experience so far has been the same as everyone here reports. Is there a single person who has succeeded with WF in getting a modification? I think not.


Call Obama and he will bail you out then frannie or freddie mac will own your home. The DEMS are the ones who forced banks to give out loans to anybody with a pulse.

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