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Update by user Mar 13, 2012

submitted formal complaint to BBB of Iowa. WFHM sent response stating that they were unable to contact us \"contact information was invalid\" when they received our wired monies.

Yeah right! I know for a fact one CAN BE FOUND. Doesn\'t matter anyways. I notified BBB to ask WFHM to STOP them from calling; they were calling 2-3 times per day.

Told BBB that I was finished with WFHM. FYI, we did actually move our mortgage elsewhere so we no longer have ties with WFHM.

Original review posted by user Feb 11, 2012

Dec 15 contact WF for guidance on mortgage payoff. Dec 22, 2011 wired funds to pay off home loan.

Jan11 received monthly statement not reflecting our pay off. Contacted WF and they indicated they had no payment/transaction with that amount in the account. Was on phone for nearly 45 minutes, also had our CU on another line. Our CU provided WF with the tracking info and stated that it was received by WF.

Was told WF would have to do an investigation. As the Customer Service rep and I are still talking I thought...humm. Where is my money! So I asked him to check our current home loan account.

Low and behold...that's where they put the wired funds. He assured me that it would all be resolved but that it would have to be reviewed and that we should be hearing back from WF. Received letter from WF requesting we pay an additional $81.94. I called WF and asked why we owed $81.94 and was told that it was interest on the payment.

Of course I blew my top! Why am I paying interest on money they HAD since Dec 22?! Ok, my bad. They stated that on the wire transfer we did not note the actual account number of where the money should go so they put it in our "primary account".

I asked, what is a "primary account"! Guilty, I was so upset I didn't let him speak but I told him that I would define "primary account" as the older account (12 years - intended payoff) not the one they put the wired funds into, which was 3 years. They kept regarding me as a valued customer. Yah right...If I am a valued customer why did they not pick up the phone and acknowledge receipt of the $17K and ask us then where we needed the funds to go!?

I am so UPSET that they had $17K in the wrong account and now we had to pay $81.94 additional....because I'm a valued customer that didn't put the account number on the wired funds request.

We're penalized for their incompetence and lack of true "customer service" THEY HAD MY MONEY!! This is ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Money Transfer.

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Wells Fargo's function is to be a "Mortgage Servicer". They have used this recession to put people into foreclosures and shortsales to make money from the insurance and loan guarantees from the TARP bailout funds ($1.4 Trillion) you lose your home to foreclosure, Wells Fargo gets paid, usually $100,000 or more from each foreclosure.

Be blessed that you are rid of them.