Phoenix, Arizona

Wells Fargo home morgage has such a bad reputation now that when you go into the branch to make your morgage payment bank employees in the branch will now tell you that they are not part of Wells Fargo home morgage...they are just a bank. I didnt go to a morgage store to get my morgage.

I went to Wells Fargo who are they trying to kid... I would never do business with Wells Fargo again. They have made dozens of errors on my acct and when I contact them for a correction they say that they will reverse the fees this time only as a curtasy. You reverse the fees because you posted the wrong code and charged the fee when you had the payment.

This went on for 8 months.

(I have a friend that works for Wells Fargo in collections and she told me that they sent her to training to turn the error back on the customer and to collect the charges..even when Wells Fargo is wrong..) Isnt that nice to know. And for this we will pay extra taxes forever because we bailed out the banks..

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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What is your friends name that works at Wells Fargo? Would she be willing to blow the whistle and help us investigate the kind of fraud you are referring to?

If so, contact me.

We are doing a documentary of Wells Fargo's fraudulent mortgage practices, especially with the HARP and HAMP programs. It's time someone puts an end to it and exposes the fraud to the mainstream media and law enforcement!


I am having this problem with Wells Fargo Dealer Services on my husbands truck and when we refinanced our home in 2009 they hired some idiots to do title searcha nd they had my escrow money lost somewhere and it finally got to the tax office and it has been a battle with all this. We just filed bankruptcy and they still took the auto payments out of my account.

I have been fighting with them for over two days now. They all have different stories at the dealer services department.