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My insurance company (Progressive) said I could go anywhere I wanted to have my car repaired and wrote the check to me and Wells Fargo. I arranged to have the car repaired. When the car was done, I sent it to Wells Fargo (endorsed, as requested) with a copy of the quote, the invoice and a letter of satisfaction. I waited until the car was done to send the letter because I didn't want to send a letter saying I was satisfied until I saw the repair. Wells Fargo deposited the check a week ago.

Then, Wells Fargo said they wanted a letter signed by my mother - the co-signer. Then, the repair guy had to send a different invoice because he gave them his address verbally over the phone and it didn't match my letter. Then, they decided it was fraud because my letter and his didn't match and they don't pay labor to individuals so he had to send a third invoice along with a copy of the business license.

I told her the car was repaired - did she want pictures? Or perhaps a letter signed by my dad or a grandparent? When I asked if this was all that was going to be needed - yes or no, so I can get my car back, the CSR told me that she "told me what I needed and if I kept this up, the repair guy was going to have to send the receipts too... " When I asked if she could give me a yes or no answer she hung up on me. When I called back, her supervisor said the same thing. I have called the repair shop again. I have sent another letter again. I have no confidence that they will ever release the check or that I could get my car back ever. I have never been so unhappy with a lendor in my life. They have no customer service skills - they change the requirements from day to day and then, when you struggle to comply, they accuse you of insurance fraud. I will never finance another thing through Wells Fargo and I will tell everyone I know that they are the worst excuse for a company I have ever seen. This is exactly why everyone should pay cash for everything. If they needed customers worse than we need them, we might get some service or respect. I am paying them good money for the "privilege" of a loan through them. I don't need this kind of "privilege".

I think they create these delaying tactics so they can earn the interest on the funds. If my money and yours are combined, I bet they make millions on this over the course of a year. And the sad thing is, it's legal. They are entitled to make their own ridiculous requirements because they are the "lienholder". I will never again let anyone have this kind of power over me again.

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I am googling reviews bc I too have progressive and Wells Fargo and I don’t think I need Wells Fargo holding my hand during this process. This is crazy to me.

I will never lease through them again. A simple process made so difficult.


Wells Fargo is a joke! I know exactly how you feel.

My husband and I are going through the exact same thing. Never have I had to jump through so many hoops! I have American Family Ins. and honestly I don't think Wells Fargo should have anything to do with any of it.

It should be between you and your insurance company!

I will never get a loan through Wells Fargo again!!! :cry


Why are there wells Fargo ads on this link,with the bad service and policy they have. The attorney general office should be checking out their procedures and following up with any criminal intent if they are holding money to gain interest on their part


I know how you feel. I have progressive and also wellsfargo.

And am going through the same thing. But after sending them all the information they required. Now I'm getting the run around.First they complained because they say i took my car to an unlicenced shop for repairs.When the ins company said I can take it where ever i wanted. Then they said the shops invoice showing parts and labor wasent good enough.

And now want the shop to send them reciepts of everything they bought.

Shop says they buy in bulk and can't give a reciept . I feel once again I have been screwed by them.