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Similar story to what I have been reading. I sent an insurance check to WF because they are my lender.

I was told by the asset dept. in NY to send the signed contract and lien waiver and the 50% deposit the roofer asked for would be released. I sent it to the person he instructed me to send it to and she sends me a long list of papers I need to provide. I tell her, the man I was talking to in NY asked me for 2 things and I sent them.

She says, "We have the money, and if you want the money you have to give us everything we asked for". I fax over the last 2 things she asks for; W-9 and invoice from the roofer. I tried to call her all day the next day to find out if she received it. No response.

I call the next day and she says she didn't receive any fax. My husband faxed it again. He calls her to see if she received it. Then she tells him to fax it to a different fax number.

We sent the first fax on Mon., and here it is Wed. afternoon. Instead of sending the check, I get another email from her with a thirty page attachment, more paperwork. I call her Thursday morning, and she tells me she can't send the check.

More excuses. It's all lies. I end up in a screaming match with her. My husband is so stressed.

The roofer started the job without the 50% and now he has finished the job and he wants his money and is threatening to sue me. I can't get the money from WF to pay him. I want my money and can't get it; how can that be?. I have read so many complaints on line, I can't understand why there hasn't been a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo.

They are taking people's money, making people jump through hoops and it takes weeks, months to get our money and they get away with it. We need to join together and we will change how they do business.

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