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I was offered an application for modification a year ago. As it turns out, it had to be one of the worst decisions I ever made in my life.

I was a little behind and now I am $14,000 behind. I have done everything the mortgage company asked of me and more. And again I was told no modification and the close to impossible requests I conquered were not necessary! I have wasted a year of my life not sleeping, depression, etc.

for nothing. And now, imagine this, after a year they do not have to offer me any resolution! I could have been making payments all along. I have a difficult time sending money to an institution that I do not trust, and threaten to foreclose every time I turn around.

Where is the justice in any of this. Oh, and now they have one offer left. Because I have a HUD insured loan, they have to make me this last offer. Two regular payments, carry a second mortgage at 0%, and make my regular monthly payments.

My question is, what has this last year been all about? (besides making me loose my mind) Karen

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Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany #214020

I first started having problems three years later and they informed me I had to be late before they could help me. Then they told me to call HOPE and later to contact the Home Affordable Modification Program.

After months of getting nowhere and multiple trials payments I am told that the “Investor” that now owns my loan does not do modifications through the Home Affordable Modification Program. I was also told my sale date set for Nov. 24, 2010 would be postponed until Feb. 22, 2011 while I went through another set of 3 month trial payments.

I found out today the sale is in three days.

The mortgage on the house next door was owned by Wells Fargo. The mortgage amount was $335,000 and Wells sold the house for $256,000 to an investor. How does that make sense unless the government is paying Wells the $80,000 LOSS. This all doesn’t make sense.

On my home I owe $460,000 and it is now worth $340,000. So instead of making arrangements for me to pay off the loan with a low interest rate Wells would rather sell the house to investors and get reimbursed the $120,000 LOSS from the government which means the tax payers. I am not looking for principle reduction all I am asking for is a reduction in the interest rate and piggy back a portion of what I owe so when the economy turns around everyone will get paid.

Wells made money when they sold my loan to investors and now Wells will get paid again from the government that guaranteed the loan. Why are the investors protected and not the home owner and tax payer?

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