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On December 6th, when the Green Bay Packer stock became available, I attempted to purchase some stock from the website. After experiencing significant delays and struggles with the website, the transaction was finally completed. When I received two confirmation emails with two separate order numbers, I knew that an error had been made. Within that same hour, I contacted the company and requested a cancellation and was told that it would be taken care of.

Soon after that, I saw two separate transactions go through on my credit card. I called the Packer company and they directed me to Wells Fargo. When I connected with Wells Fargo, I was told that, despite their error, nothing could be done until I received the stock. Despite having purchased it on the 6th and had it pledged to get to me by Christmas, it did not arrive until the 23rd by which point I had already left to visit my family where I would have given the stock to my dad.

When I finally received the stock, I received FOUR pieces of stock in the mail. I ordered 1, was charged for 2, and received 4. I called in numerous times to Wells Fargo to get the information that was needed to get this squared away and was given new instructions each time. The final compilation of instructions included returning all of the stock with their numbers, order numbers and the additional requests I made. Because I was incurring interest charges from my credit company for their mistake, I requested a reimbursement for the anticipated interest accrued as well as the cost of postage to mail back their errors.

Since that time, I have been given no help from the company. I have called many times to get updates on this process and, despite having received it, when I called today they still hadn't registered in their system that I had sent the items back in.

What I'm requesting is simple: refund me for the amounts listed in the letter and communicate with me about where all of this is in the process. This was your error and yet I'm being penalized and treated poorly and told that I have to call back to get updates. That's absurd. You all messed this up. You call me with status updates and treat me like a customer you respect and want to serve well.

I am not currently a Wells Fargo customer and, after this experience, I guarantee I will never be

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $275.

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