I had a very bad car accident and my vehicle was totaled.I was in the market for a new car.

Through the Dealership I was accepted by Wells Fargo for my auto loan. I put $1000 dolars down on my loan and was told my payment would be due at the end of the next month. A couple weeks later my sister got a call asking for my contact information which she provided. I recieved a call during a meeting, they left a message and I called back promtly after the meeting.

The women that called was laughing histerically when she answered the phone and took a few minutes to compose herself. She stated that I was past due on my Auto loan and I proceeded to tell her the circumstances, and that in fact I was not late. She became very aggressive and stated that they have called me several times on the matter, if in fact they had called me why would they have called my sister for my contact information?? In order to have called me several times would mean they had my contact information correct??

I continued to try to explain the situation, she interupted me and stated she was going to expidite the process and needed to know where the vehicle was parked. As if she was going to try to repossess the vehicle!! Keep in mind according to thier recored I was 7 days late on the payment. Her behavior contined and I asked to speak with a manager.

I could here the "manager in the background saying "for what". When the manager finally got on the phone it was like she was angry with me. I asked how this situation got so blown out of proportion and I was hung up on.

I am refinancing as soon as possible!DO NOT GET A LOAN THROUGH WELS FARGO!!!!

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