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On August 24, 2011 I contacted a Wells Fargo branch manager at an office in New Jersey to ask about refinancing my mortgage. This guy was fantastic. He was so nice and so helpful. He told me that because I had never had a late payment on my mortgage and because I had good credit and because I had my existing loan with Wells Fargo and because I was underwater on my mortgage, I was eligible to refinance under the HARP program. He offered me a decent interest rate, but I would have to pay a point and a half to get it. That seemed okay to me...he made it sound so great. He told me that I wouldn't have to come up with closing fees out of pocket and that they would roll that amount into my loan. He even said that Wells Fargo would send someone to my office for me to sign the paperwork so I didn't have to go out of my way. He made the whole process sound so easy and simple and basically too good to be true. Well, guess what? It was too good to be true.

As soon as he had me on the hook, he dumped me off onto his associate and I basically never heard from the man again. He wouldn't answer emails and if he did it was only one terse line that didn't answer my question or help me in any way. It was if I ceased to exist. He was not helpful in any way after he made the deal with me.

But, his associate was just lovely. A sweet kind helpful woman who answered emails and patted me on the head and reassured me that everything would be okay until I asked her a question that she didn't want to answer. Then, no answer and I've not heard from her since.

Anyway, I was told in writing by Mr. Branch Manager and lovely associate that I would close in Early October and would not have to pay my November mortgage payment. I was thrilled because that meant I could buy fuel oil and have some money for Christmas. Needless to say, I never closed and it is now December 7 and I am no closer to closing than I was in fact, I believe I am on the *** of being rejected altogether. They are going to take my money and I am going to be left with nothing.

I have been consistently lied to and given the runaround. I was locked into an interest rate in August by Mr. Branch Manager and made to pay them a 395.00 dollar required appraisal fee. They gave me 48 hours to provide them with many required documents, which I did even though we got hit with a hurricane that weekend. I was told that the interest rate that they gave me would expire on November 22 but it would be no problem because I would close way before that date.

November 22 came and went and when I asked what was going on I got the runaround and vague real explanations and no apologies. They had sent my application from New Jersey to Iowa to some awful woman who yelled at me and the members of the executive board of my condo association when we were trying to help her gather information to move things along quickly. She was rude and unprofessional and reduced me to tears. She embarrassed me in front of my colleagues. Because of this awful woman in Iowa, my rate expired.

I asked the lovely associate in New Jersey about my expired rate and asked that since it had expired and now that rates are even lower now, if I could please get a lower rate, especially since I've waited so long. She told me right then that they aren't "allowed" to let a rate expire, so they just went ahead and re-locked me into my old rate from August and didn't tell me. When I complained that they didn't tell me that, she let me know that Mr. Branch manager took care of the fee for extending the rate-lock for me (apparently, because he is such a great guy that way) My rate expired again in early December and again I asked to get a lower interest rate now that it expired a second time and now that rates are lower. That was when the lovely associate in New Jersey stopped answering me.

My application has now been sent from Iowa to California, and the president and treasurer of my condo association are being bombarded by another Wells Fargo person with outrageous lists of questions for them to answer that have absolutely nothing to do with me or my mortgage. The woman in Iowa asked tons of questions over several weeks and drove the treasurer mad, and now there are even more questions and requests for further information. They are making it impossible for me to get approved.

Wells Fargo says it is Fannie Mae's fault. That Fannie Mae has stringent rules about condo complexes and the condo complex has to be approved in order for my application for refinance to be approved.

I have asked when/if my application will be approved. I asked for the worst case scenario...6 more weeks? 8 more weeks? 12 more weeks? Lovely associate said "I have no idea". I asked her if she could please find out. No response from her.

I have come to find out that Fannie Mae does have incredibly stringent rules about condo complexes and in the state that I live in, Fannie Mae has only approved FOUR complexes. In the whole state! Needless to say, mine is not one of them.

So, I imagine that Wells Fargo staff are fully aware of Fannie Mae's rules about condos. Yet, not one person at Wells Fargo informed me of this very important nugget of information. I found out about it by doing research on the internet.

I can guess that I will be told that my complex is not eligible under Fannie Mae's rules, so therefore Wells Fargo cannot refinance my loan and they will reject me. They will take my appraisial fee and I will be left holding the bag still paying the same interest rate that I did when I bought the condo five years ago.

I feel like I have been scammed by Wells Fargo. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated and I wish I had never started this process. This HARP program, although it sounds great, is really not that great. It's almost impossible to get approved.

That's my story. Thanks for reading.

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I live in Arkansas, I called wells fargo about a harp loan, the lady told me, since I was not late on my payments, I could not get one. WHO, OR MAYBE NOT SO WELL EDUCATED IN WELLS FARGO'S BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE HURTIN A LOT OF PEOPLE, WHICH I HAD HAD 6 MORTGAGES WITH THEM, NEVER LATE, AND THEY DROP ME WHEN I NEEDED HELP.



We were approved for the Wells Fargo HAMP Making Home Affordable Program - They want to INCREASE our MONTHLY PAYMENTS $450.00. Someone please tell me how this makes it affordable?



I contacted PNC Bank in August of 2012 about refinancing under HARP. I had a tax lien from 2008 on my home, so I had the lien subordinated by the IRS to get the mod under HARP finished. In January of 2012, the IRS sent the subordination letter to PNC. By the end of March 2012, they had still not completed the modification.

I contacted a local lawyer who told me I had no recourse whatsoever, as to suing PNC because they won't do the HARP with my loan.

So, I stopped paying on my loan. Read up on the internet about how to deal with banks during foreclosure process. Told the banks I was wanting to keep the house. Sent them the paperwork requested and waited until July of 2012, when I was contacted by Fannie Mae directly. They told me they could bet me a streamlined loan under HAMP in 30 days. Within 30 days, the HAMP loan was approved by Fannie.

Today, I received foreclosure notices by PNC's bank, albeit I've been approved and paid my first months new loan rate. HAMP and the bank puts you on a 90 trial period to see if you can pay off your HAMP loan. Then they approve it fully after that time.

Just when I thought I was done with paperwork, calls to the bank, calls to the IRS, and worrying about foreclosure, now I have to respond to this foreclosure case within 30 days with the court here in my county.

I swear, they just do this to you to screw up your credit score, so the banks can earn hiring interest rates on credit cards, car loans, and other loans people try to get in the future.

I've wondered if I could sue PNC for damages incurred by their inability to get the HARP loan complete. It's as if they forced me into HAMP to get it done, but it took Fannie Mae to actually get it done for them.

So, in


I'm sorry to read about your situation and negative experience with Wells Fargo... I came across your 2011 complaint/blog by chance, while researching my current difficulties with Wells Fargo, as of July/2013.

My advice to anyone who comes across this blog; Wells Fargo is dishonest and abusive with their practices. Words can't describe the emotional disconnect/distress experienced over the past 3 months....


We kinda got the screw from Chase Bank. You're in good company.

We were finally approved however, after A LOT of paperwork, delays, fees, conditions and near-divorce over all of the bull *** the bank put us through... and oh... only a half point reduction in our 30 year mortgage (down to a lovely 5.25%) ... not exactly great!

Chase got us where they wanted us.

They didn't lose the loan. Wish I'd been more bullheaded and had not bent to their repeated calls to us to get us to HARP.


It's so true that Wells Fargo will just go through the motions of helping you refinance but in the end they wont do a *** thing!! All they will do is waste your time until your paperwork expires and then try to convince you to start the miserable process al over again with the same incompetent people and sleeping underwriters. Do bother ask for there help.


They keep calling me, I ask one simple question like how do i get more imnfo and they just hang up. They are annouying and a dam nuisance!


I just realized that some of my comments say that I am writing from AZ, while another says I am from CT. I am on the East Coast. Nowhere near Phoenix, although I love Arizona!


So, I contacted other banks (other than Wells Fargo) in the hopes of refinancing through the HARP 2.0 program, but I was rejected by everyone because each bank I contacted would only work with their existing customers. My local bank would not offer the HARP 2.0 program to me even though I am a customer. They won't refinance with me because my existing loan is not with them.

So, in a last ditch effort, I contacted Wells Fargo again. I contacted two different offices. The first woman who I contacted told me that if I refinanced with them, it would take a minimum of three months and most likely longer than that. She did not seem even remotely interested in helping me and she was a little rude in my opinion.

I contacted a second Wells Fargo mortgage specialist by email and explained my situation. I asked that he contact me if he thought he could help me. The only response I got from him was "call me". That was it. No assurance that he could help me. Just a very curt "call me".

I chose at that point not to call. I was disgusted. Yes, that is my fault, but I was put off by what seemed to me to be almost a dismissive attitude, and I really did not want to spend another four months or more in *** with Wells Fargo with no promise of refinancing or even getting a good rate for that matter. I hear they are not even giving great rates to people because they have little competition with the HARP 2.0 program. Wells Fargo is profiting tremendously. They have a captive audience and they know it.

Maybe I am just being overly sensitive when it comes to my second and third interactions with Wells Fargo, but I was hoping for a more professional attitude. I really do not like dealing with them at all.

I wrote to the CEO of my local bank appealing to him for assistance and asking if they would open up the HARP 2.0 program to people like me. I got a letter back saying that they are working on the issue and will get back to me.

Who knows if they will or not? But, I tried.

All I know is that I do not want to deal with Wells Fargo any more. I want to switch my servicer. I have also written to a member of Congress. Not that it has gotten me anywhere, but I tried.

Maybe I will hear back. I just don't want to deal with Wells Fargo anymore. I am also closing my Wells Fargo credit card as soon as I possibly can. I cut it up in 2009 and never used it again. Been paying it down and almost there. I hate their practices regarding credit cards. But that is another post.


To John Lewis...

I too feel your pain. I was also denied a harp refinance because some stranger, who I don't even know, owns 7 units in my condo complex and Fannie Mae denied ME because of THAT! That is something so completely out of my control, yet I am being punished for it.

I tried to get my complex Fannie Mae, FHA approved, by using a consulting company who specializes in getting "project approval".

You won't believe this...The president of the consulting company told me that he would charge my complex thousands of dollars to "try" to get Fannie Mae approval, but could make no promises. And, he said that he could not get us FHA approval because one person owns 7 units in my complex! I wanted to scream out loud in frustration!

This whole thing is so messed up! I too, am still struggling to pay my high interest rate mortgage every month. I lost all the equity in my condo when the economy tanked...that was not MY fault.

The HARP program is not COULD easily work, as far as I can tell, but Fannie Mae and FHA are throwing up unreasonable insurmountable obstacles so that we cannot get the help that we deserve.

The revised HARP 2.0 program is coming up, but it will probably have similar the time it comes online, the interest rates will go up and people like you and I John, will NOT benefit in any way. The whole thing disgusts me.

I wish everyone out there the best of luck...I have tried everything I know of right down to writing to my state representative who totally blew me off.

If anyone has any luck with the HARP Wells Fargo mess, please post and let us know!

@Original Author

I feel your pain. Simple refinance from 30 year 5.75% to 15 year 3.25% of existing Wells Fargo loan applied for Jan. 7, 2013. We have perfect credit, single family home, every payment made on time or early for 6 years. Most payments we made we doubled in order to get our mortgage paid off faster. Long story short, we were lied to, put off, forced to endure 6 different, incompetent, so-called Mortgage Specialists. :(

After 6 months and 2 months past our rate-lock agreement, they cancelled our loan via voice message due to "YOUR TITLE HAS A JUDGEMENT ON IT WITH NO END IN SIGHT". This was an outright LIE! We applied with NEW AMERICAN FUNDING and their title company, Vantage Point found NO judgements! We were able to close in less than 45 days.

We intend to bring a lawsuit against HELLS Fargo and make them compensate us for our financial loss of 180 months of having pay almost $100 month more due to the interest rate increase since our rate lock expired.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (so-called) Specialist's clearly lack integrity, honesty, loyalty and morals. They’re unethical undesirables and immensely imbecilic. Un-returned phone calls, repeated roadblocks, misrepresentations, inconsistencies & lost documents speak volumes of this institution. Avoid them at all costs!!!


After keeping us hanging for months, on HARP, we were just denied, a loan with an interest rate that would have lowered our payment by $300 per month ?

Now we are still paying more,we are struggling, we had 1 late payment in 8 years ( 1 day late)...........NOT the reason that was cited, we had to much student loan debt ? we still have it and the higher payment,seems to me that this program would have helped us ? Wells Fargo has become a very greedy bank since being bailed out, by us ?

Dear Mr. President. HARP is not working, how does leaving someone with a higher payment help?

Wells Fargo is a Joke at Best, I just hope that when things turn around, people remember who helped who, I know that I will..........! :x


OK all this is fine, but where do we go for assistance in getting Wells Fargo to comply and get these refi's completed? I am in a similar situation with them...they keep dragging their feet and delay tactics. The rates have dropped since I initiated the refi...


I have been through the same exact thing and the sad part is after all the waiting and phone messages ,I got the reply that in order for them to approve of my refinance, I have to be able to bring 50 thousand dollars to closing!!! Rudiculous!!!!

Absurd!!!! I told the guy " are you kidding me? If I had that kind money I wouldnt be thinking of refinancing!". Wells Fargo adds insult to injury because I have gotten calls from several of their bankers after that promising the same thing.

President Obama ought to know what these financial institution are making the consumers go through with the seemingly great HARP idea they have come up to mend the mortgage crisis. I guess there is no reward for people like us who are struggling to fulfill our end of the bargain and pay our mortgage monthly.

There are people out there that dont pay their mortgage and due to the "backlog" in foreclosure , even manage to buy another house before getting foreclosed, thats from the money they were able to save not paying their mortgage... Does that sound fair to anyone?


Update and information for condo owners.

Okay, well, Wells Fargo has agreed to reimburse me my 400.00 appraisal fee. I've not received it yet because they said it would take ten to fourteen business days.

Funny, they made me put it on my credit card so they could have it right away, but I have to wait ten to fourteen business days to get refunded. Whatever. At least they are refunding it to me.

I went to my local bank and spoke to a mortgage consultant about what happened to me and the new revised HARP program coming up in March 2012. She said that it is imperative to get the complex FHA/Fannie Mae approved first.

There are consulting companies out there that actually help you to get "project approval". This helps not only with people trying to refinance, but also if you want to sell your unit. If your complex is not FHA approved, then most buyers are shut out from buying in your complex. With FHA approval, buyers don't have to come up with a huge downpayment.

Without FHA approval, buyers have to put down 20 percent. That is how I understand it. So, bottom line...get your complex fannie mae/fha approved.

I'm doing that now so that when the new Harp program starts, I will have Fannie Mae approval when I apply. crossing fingers!!!!!

@Original author

I was turned down as well due to my condo HOA does not save 10% of money collected. My Hoa covers heat and water and all outside insurance and up keep.

I would like to get my apparaisal fee back as well. Any tips?


My story is almost identical to yours,right down to the "Mr.Branch Manager",and Just Lovely!!! I guess we will have to "Stay Tuned".They"re day is coming!! Regards



Wells Fargo rejected me today for my refinancing after I emailed them to ask for an update after two weeks of no contact from them. Apparently, even though I have paid my mortgage on time to Wells Fargo for five years and have good credit, they rejected me based on the fact that one person bought seven condos in my small complex of only 24 units and rents them out. I was told that they cannot refinance my mortgage based on that fact and it is due to Fannie Mae rules. I was told that I am at a "standstill" until this person sells the condos that he owns. A standstill...what does that even mean? does that mean they will honor everything if the guy sells his condos in a year? I think not. The appraisal expires after a certain amount of time and I would have to pay again, I'm sure.

So, fair warning to all those people out there underwater with their mortgages who live in condos and have an existing mortgage with Wells Fargo. Before you give them your 400.00 appraisal fee, make sure you check with Fannie Mae's website to see if your condo complex is approved. Make sure you check all of Fannie Mae's stringent rules and check with you condo association first to make sure you meet their criteria. Don't make the mistake that I made and listen to Wells Fargo.

Now I am out 400 dollars and I waited for almost 4 months and still have to pay the high interest rate that I have been paying since I bought my condo in 2006.

Fannie Mae changed their rules in July 2011. If you are applying under the harp program, ask lots of your research. Don't lose your money like I did. It was a bitter lesson learned for me.

If anyone else out there is helped because of my experience then I am glad.


To common sense...

Thankfully, I was smart enough to NOT trust them and I DID indeed pay my mortgage on time and have continued to pay it each month on time while I continue to wait for my refinance to go through. Even though they told me I would not have to pay my November mortgage, I absolutely did pay it because the refinance had not gone through.

It is now December 14, and I have still not heard one word from Wells Fargo about my refinance.

so, I will continue to pay my mortgage as I have always done. On December 24, it will be 120 days that I have been waiting.


Always, always, always, pay your mortgage. Sometimes there is a gap AFTER you are on your new refinanced loan where you wouldn't have to pay your mortgage. By missing your payment you have probably ruined your chances to refinance through HARP.

I know you may have been under the wrong impression and mortgage paperwork can be confusing, but common sense has to come into play at some point.

Nothing bad can happen by paying on time. Why take the risk?

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