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My son's dad died. My son is 18 so for him this was extremely devastating.

His dad was an alcoholic and lived out of his truck towards his last year in life. He couldnt keep a job cause he drank so much. So when he died my son got his truck. This was the only possession he owned.

The only memory he had of him. Well apparantley the truck had about $2,000 owed on it. I reached out to the CEO and asked if he could just let my son have it or offer it to him at a discount. I mean his dad paid on this truck for 6 years, so this company had well then made their money from the interest and payments made.

I am a single mom and dont have a lot. This truck is not worth a lot. It is 10 years old and been wrecked several times. We wanted it for sentimental reasons, not the value.

This greedy company came and took the truck and want me to pay off the full balance before I can have it. I just think that is pathetic. They would rather sell it an auction than sell it to the son of the deceased owner. They are not going to get $2000 at an auction so why not allow the son to purchase for what they would get.

This companies greed is what will run them in the ground one day.

I will never do business with a company as heartless and souless as they are.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Wells Fargo Cons: Corupt.

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REALLY? You expect the bank to forgive the amount of the note, your deceased husband signed a note for a certain amount of money with Wells Fargo,not a truck!

So it seems your deceased husband should have paid the note off. Business is business.

May be you should see if your mortgage company will forgo your house payments because your husband died. Give that a try!

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