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My husband and I bought this home in 2006. Our mortgage is $1550 per month. My husband does flooring for a living.. when the economy (housing) fell, last summer we were in foreclosure and tried to save our home. We paid a lawyer $1550 to lower our interest rate and put what we were behind on the back of the loan. Instead, our payment went up $150 per month. In May of 2010, we applied for the HAMP program (Obama). We were told not to make a house payment by Wells Fargo (our lender) because we would be more "apt" to be approved. I filled out the paperwork, sent it in. They called and said we were "missing a few pages not signed". So we signed those, faxed them in. Then they said our profit and loss sheet for the quarter was wrong because it said "jan 2010 to march 2010" and should have said "jan 1, 2010 to march 31, 2010".. so we had our account fix that and I faxed it in. Time went by with no word, so we assumed they had everything they needed.

August 16, 2010 I get a letter (by now we owe for june, july and august mortgage which is a total of $3500.) I get a letter stating 'we were turned down for the HAMP program because we failed to get them the paperwork they requested' WHICH IS A LIE!!!!! I faxed EVERYTHING to them over and over and over. so... confused my husband called them. They ask us for hardship letter, our bills, our budget, and we have filled out that paperwork about 5 times in the last 12 months with no result. We fill it out, mail it in, Wells Fargo never calls us back or mails us anything. We call again, they want to "fill the paperwork out again because they have record of ever having received it".

Upset, I emailed the President of the United States and explained my story. What I got in return was an automated response saying "how sorry they were" and for us to "reapply, try again".

On Monday august 23, 2010 I get a denial letter from Wells Fargo stating we were "denied" any loan motification because 'we failed to give them the information they needed'.. ANOTHER LIE!!! We have told them, faxed them, mailed them, those *** papers over and over and over and over and over and have begged for help for the last year straight.

So, On Wednesday August 24, 2010 we get a letter from Wells Fargo stating "we may qualify for the HAMP program, there is help out there" (it said).. so.. my husband calls yesterday, August 25, 2010. The guy we spoke to give us the run around... and said (he was on speaker phone) and he said and I QUOTE "Well sir your probably not going to qualify for the program so I wouldn't bother reappling". and my husband said "why wouldn't we qualify?" and he said " WELL OUR COMPANY, WELLS FARGO, IS CUTTING BACK ON APPROVING ANY HAMP QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS SO YOU PROBABLY WON'T GET APPROVED"..

and then I GOT ON THE PHONE, and I said you listen to me... you can't tell someone not to reapply for a government approved program because you personally think "we might not get approved".. I said you WILL let us reapply or I will call every major news media outlet I can possibly think of and tell them what you just said to me".

In the end, he was a *** and wouldn't help us AT ALL. We are now 2 months away from foreclosure and will lose our home.

Thanks Wells Fargo, I hope your company goes down the drain and you all end up jobless and lose your homes!!

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While we are able to avoid foreclosure by Wells Fargo, it was only by the skin of our teeth. This despite the outright fraud attempted by WF during the process.

We had a modification approved by them and a week before the first payment was due WF informed us the modification was cancelled since there was a tax lien against me.

Well there was no lien and the only lien we could find was against someone with the same first and last name but different middle initial in a different town in the county. Out and out fraud on their part.


I tried to short sale a house with Wells fargo. We sent them all of the paperwork and they kicked it out of the system, twice.

I have all of the communication from their system. The negotiator never responded to several inquiries as to status (no more than once a week)and then kicked it out because in the negotiation process we crossed out the price and put a higher one above (both parties initialed it).

They kicked it out because they needed a clean contract that they never asked for. It has been 120 days.


My sister lost her home to foreclosure by Wells Fargo. She went through the exact same things that are stated above. Why isn't there any investigations into this bank, or does anyone know of any government action groups trying to keep Wells Fargo from scamming the people?


I too am a victim of Wells Farfetched Fargo. They dragged my hopes thru the string of lies.

Made me aware that there was no hope for us unemployed. It's very sad that a business that is in business to help us thrive as Americans have sliced our throats and left us homeless to die on the side of the road. We suffer because they are not equipped to correct what has plagued the backbone of this country. And that would be US...

Fifty something, worked our whole lives, raised a family and now grandkids, paid our property taxes, spent money and donated money for good causes. Life was good and everyone lived the American Dream. I have been treading it hard for 3 stressful years. And so has more than half of America.

Be STRONG Everyone... Lets all pray...God hears us better in masses. The future will not behold Wells F. Fargo anymore!!!

Or any other lender that has GREED hanging above their door.. AMEN.....


Wells Fargo sucks. I closed my account with them over 20 years ago when they were still Norwest banks - bunch of crooks.

Never looked back and will not do business with them ever. May they all go down in flames as they deserve!


sounds like most od you need to grow up. read your contracts and don't blame other people for your mistakes - sucked into adjustable rate??? come on - wiase up

@try reading

Maybe you should read thru the comments. Have you ever been through the process?

Then don't comment.

Wells Fargo strings you along for months. Also, before telling us to read, learn to spell.


I too lost my home to foreclosure with Wells Fargo. I can't tell you how many times I tried to refinance.

Absolutely NOBODY that I spoke with ever tried to help. I got sucked in on an adjustable rate mortgage and I have a long road ahead before I have good credit again.


I have a loan with America's Servicing Company owned by Wells Fargo. I am not behind on my loan for the entire six years.

I have been asking for an interest rate reduction and not for a principal reduction, but they will not help me. I am 69 years old, a female veteran on SS, with a 43 year old disabled son. Now the value has dropped under the $120,000 balance on the loan and they still won't help me. They own the loan, not a Freddie or Fannie and their is no PMI on this loan at 8.375% interest rate.

I have written my Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Senator John McCain to try and get some help on lowering my interest rate. Wells Fargo and America's Servicing are crooks!


Okay so i used to work for them and ill tell ya Loss Mitigation is a Joke!!!!!!!! its not built to help people its built to help the Investors!!!!!!!

and to get them paid Richie F******!!!!i will never ever ever ever ever work for them again in my life i guess thats why i dont feel badd about taking like 700.00 from them many many years ago.....hehehehe lol they *** and shld not be able to treat people the way they do.....and well as for the people that work for them huh!! they are all dung....and their Fraud dept sucks cause they never found mee!!!!!!

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah ripped you guys off finally a person got over on a bank!!!!!! YAY WELLS FARGO *** MY ***


I had an account with WF about six years ago and I realized that I have been charged for service fees, despit eof the FREE EVERYTHING on the account. They said they had sent me altter and notified me of changing the terms.

I closed the account.

Then I had another account with Wachovia, which had no service charge, WF bought the bank, and I just kept $100 in my account.

I checked with WF and sure enough they told me there won't be any charge on my account. Yesterday I opened my statement and I had only $50 left in my account, paying service fees and charges!


too have been ruined by Wells Fargo. I had perfect credit before they refinaced my 3 loans,and then they inflated the appraisels.

After the refi was finished it was going to be some Crazy amount after 3 years, so i decided to try to refi through them again to lower the payment.( Before the third year) but they insisted that I had to be behind on my mortgage payment before they would help me. ( To make this short) I lost all the property i had and had to file Chap 7.

And here before they came along i had perfect Credit,A++ now I can't even finance a cup of milk.

Lets get them!!! If we stick together we can do this....I am so ready :x


I've read a lot of comments and yes, WRB is will definitely do all they can to make things bad for you. I was in my house for 8 yrs.

and had to start ALL over again loosing all interest ect. that I put into this place. At my age I don't expect to ever pay it off and not trying to .I just look at it as paying rent, at the end guess what, the'll end up getting it back anyway.

Such a way for them to stay in business. Rich get richer and the poor will always remain a day late,dollar short of being in the poor house.


I did all the sending in paper work six times. I was three months behind when they sent me a foreclosure notice.

I sent them all the money to catch up with my payment but they sent it back. The reason being I had applied for modification so my case was being processed. Then I got a letter saying my house was going to be sold. well they foreclosed on my property while I was waiting for an answer to my mofication.

Sold my property for $20,000 less than what its worth. I was told I did not qualify for the modification because I made too much money. I do not have anything to say about WF. God does not like ugly people.

What goes around, comes around. They have so many properties just sitting empty. Recovery is not anywhere in sight. So many families losing their homes.

Something has got to give.

Good luck if you are trying to get a modification. If you can afford it, get a lawyer.


Similar situation; lost my job but saw the writing on the wall so put the house on the market 5 months prior to losing job,had a realtor do a BPO wasn't looking to make any money off the sale just enough to cover the mtge & pay the realtor,after 6 weeks house didn't move so lowered the price but still enough to pay off mtge, I contacted Wells discussed a Deed in Lieu was told it was a possibility due to the circumstances house had been on the market for at least 90 days at or below fair market value, sent ALL the necessary docs,communicated daily with Wells, Always answered the phone, always responded to the emails,gave full disclosure regarding the situation. While waiting for response on Deed in Lieu received letter from an attorney about foreclosure called that attorney explained what had transpired attorney said it seemed like Wells was working with me so I should continue working on the Deed in Lieu, Wells sent another realtor from the same area out to do another BPO she told me the listing price was great for the house, still waited to hear from Wells, finally got an email from Wells stating that the Deed in Lieu was a no good due to the house NOT being on the market at fair market value they claim it should have been about $15,000 lower, told me to lower the listing price and try to short sale it,I did that, right after that( within 2 weeks) at about 5 months into this mess I was served with foreclosure papers with a foreclosure sale date set for 2 months later,the foreclosure sale date is set for just shy of 7 months from the start of this whole nightmare.

I honestly believe that the more you communicate with them the quicker they push your case thru to foreclosure. Yes, I feel bad, Yes, I signed a contract, NO, Wells has no obligation to help me, but I wasn't really asking for help just a little more time to make it right.I did all I could to sell the house: it was available on a moments notice for showing, when that didn't work I moved out emptied the house had it all cleaned paid for weekly upkeep- lawn etc;.

The realtor said the house will sell we just need a little more time, time that Wells will not give us. Just shy of 7 months from the start the house will go up for auction; I really don't see how anyone wins...well maybe someone wins.


You think WFB is bad, you should see Bank of America! I sent them a certified letter stating that I had to choose between getting my brain tumor removed or paying my mortgage.

I offered in that letter to give B of A a deed in Lieu of foreclosure so they could sell the house and make a profit. NO, they decided to go ahead with the foreclosure instead and never contacted me except to "collect on the debt" which was their "loan modification department also"

My life's efforts will be to screw Bank of America and I have lots of life and time to give to this endevour.


I have had very similar dealings with Wells Fargo. They are unprofessional. The agents do not submit the information given to them and someone will call you 10 minutes later with the same questions.


Same story on our end. Some woman for WF told us not to apply and give it up.

My husband told her she can not decide what the bank will do. Its been almost one year and we still do not have a loan. I have a lawyer now, and are trying to hold on to my house. I put alot of money into it.

We had the modification approved and where also paying the payments. Then we got a letter in the mail that they were foreclosing on us. WTF. We paid the amount they wanted and they are forcloseing!

WF are crooks and they are stealing my home. I hope the lawyers can help us


Very Interesting Information! Thank You For Thi Information!


Wells Fargo needs to be shut down all money, loans, lack of paperwork, lack of banking skills the honest way, etc etc. Those people need to be put out of there job, house, vechicle, all of the those things they have obtained from a public of honest working people.

All there banking accounts including the swiss ones, have be given back to whom they have stole from. After all for being one of the largest banks,in reality they should be in PRISON and Im not talking cup-cake camp!

Why hasn't the government done anything about this? For all we know this bank could be having dealings in the Middle East terrorist land, and us who have worked hard and earned what we have, honestly recieve a huge slap in the face by thiefs, while all thay are worried about is if the caretaker to there 3'rd summer home is going to have it ready for there seasonal arrival!