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I recently had a bad experience with Wells Fargo Financial. On May 5th I made a payment to my account in the amount of $3,500. Wells Fargo then also took a payment from my checking account in the amount of $668. On 13 June I received my billing statement which said, “Paid ahead—No payment due”. Wells Fargo took the payment from my account anyway. In early July I received my July statement which also stated, “Paid ahead—no payment due”. But I had learned my lesson by this time. I called Wells Fargo and spoke to Sharie (employee # 737630). Before I hung up over an hour later, I was assured by Sharie that everything had been corrected and no more payments at all would be taken from my checking account. I would make payments at my desire. On July 16, I checked my checking account online and discovered that Wells Fargo had again taken a payment from my checking account for $668. I then called Wells Fargo and spoke with Deanne (employee # 20313). After over an hour, I was told to fax proof of the $668 check being taken from my checking account. I called USAA bank on my cell phone while having Wells Fargo hold. Within 5 minutes USAA faxed the proof to 605-226-7940 Attn: Bobbie. Bobbie told the supervisor that my refund check would be sent by OVERNIGHT UPS. I hung up and waited for UPS to bring me a check for $668 which I had earmarked for other use. This was on Thursday. When I had still not received my refund check on Monday, I checked the tracking number and learned that BOBBIE had lied. My refund check was not sent OVERNIGHT, but 2nd day air. There IS a difference. That refund check slowly made it’s way to me via SEVEN stops between there and here! I received my refund check on Tuesday, but I was at work, so still not able to use my own funds until Wednesday. I had asked that the funds simply be redeposited to my checking account via electronic transfer and was told, “That won’t happen.” Thurday 17 July, I called and spoke to Travis (employee # 1451). I wished an apology for the lies and a check sent to me for the week Wells Fargo held MY money at the same interest rate I pay on my loan. Travis said, “That won’t happen”. I informed him of the power of disgruntled customers in large groups. Travis then said, “We don’t care”. I’ve since spoken with Kevin (employee # 7802) He also told me I would never receive compensation for my inconvenience and “We don’t care” about disgruntled workers in large groups. Of course they don't care.

I am an individual, and they can deal with me easily. But, if all us disgruntled customers actually DO unite, Wells Fargo will soon have to CARE. I have decided to send Wells Fargo Financial a hard copy check via regular mail for the sum of .10 (TEN CENTS) to be posted to my account. I will also faithfully pay my Wells Fargo Financial bill. I will send the ten cents checks each 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each and every month. I will bend the envelope in such a way that a PERSON will have to open it for processing. In each envelope, along with the check I will place an explanation letter, telling that poor processor why he/she is having to do such a thing. This will cost me a grand total of $3.06 each month(check plus stamp), which I consider a small price to pay to get them to CARE. Imagine what can happen if ONE MILLION of us disgruntled customers unite and do the same thing on the same dates! A swamped mailroom may get someone in Wells Fargo Financial hierarchy to CARE. Please join me in my endeavor. Wells Fargo can easily deal with all us individuals, but if we unite, we can make them listen and care. Maybe YOU have a better idea in getting their attention. If so, please post it.

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Wells Fargo Financial is an affiliate of Wells Fargo & Co. WFF is basically for people who have less than perfect credit hense the high rates and fee's.


My bad experience with Wells Fargo Financial began in 2003 when I decided to take an equity line of credit. I signed the paperwork and a the next day I was told about all the fees that wasn't originally disclosed.

I cancelled the deal within the cancellation timeline. So there was no loan. However, I was not told that a lien was placed against my home, and it was not cancelled or released. I recently (last week) found that out when I tried to acquire a second mortgage with my credit union that there was a 200k lien again my home since 2003.

I called Wells Fargo Financial, and I was given a number for record retention. I called that number and was told to call credit card services since this would have been a revoling line of credit. The number I was given was for Wells Fargo Bank, not Wells Fargo Financial. I was told they are not associated.

I had enough. I explained that I was being passed off so as not to deal with, so I asked Wells Fargo Bank to please help me, even if it meant going up to management level. I was told that I would be transferred to a supervisor at Wells Fargo Financial. The guy I was transferred to was from record retention and I explained that I had already spoken to someone from that department.

He disagreed...basically calling me a liar. He transferred me. It was finally the right person, believe it or not. This was a loan officer named Debbie.

She sent me a copy of the the lien release that is going to the county recorder. It hasn't been recorded yet, so it's not quite over. However, She was the only helpful person in that organization. I will never do business with Wells Fargo Financial...ever.

And they know that now.

Customer beware. :(


I too have had a run in with wells fargo financial bank where I purchased a rainbow vacuum cleaner. I have been making a payment every two weeks (when I get paid) then I receive a statement saying that I made a late payment and was charged $29.

When I called I was told that my payment was made outside of the days allowed to make the payment and that a payment made early does not count for the monthly payment..also that their billing due date is different for each month..

I fought until they did give me the $29 back and I will pay off this account asap.. and I will not do any business with them ever again...


I am a recently former Wells Fargo Financial employee. Here is some excellent news for everyone.

Right after I took my position, I learned that a previous employee and the manager were forging documents for mortgage loans. Long story short, there are a lot of Wells Fargo Financial customers who lost their homes because of this. And the only repercussion was that those 2 employees got fired. Now the branch has a new manager that couldn't manage a bag of rocks let alone the employees there currently.

I chose to leave the position, and certainly will let anyone who asks me what my feelings are there. But I do have 1 major suggestion: DON'T GO TO WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL FOR ANYTHING!! Their interest rates are not competitive at all.

15% on autos, 11% on mortgages, 19% on bank cards. And these are the lowest I ever saw get approved.



Good for you. My brother has a car loan with Wells Fargo Financial and he can hardly wait until his car is paid off.

I saw on the news that wells fargo is going to issue credit cards to non register citizens. I know a lot of the big business drop wells fargo as their bank when the news came out in the paper and television.


Why don't you just leave the bank? get an account at a good place?

WellsFargo puts a fee on everything they possibly can. After being charged $210 in overdraft fees because they deposited my sister's paycheck into my account (not even bothering to look at the name) and then when I unknownly had the money taken out, I used my check card, I plan on closing my account as soon as I get my fees back.


Sorry to hear that, that has happened to you, I am currently going to write to wellsfargo financial and wellsfargo insurance service, and right back to my insurance, due to they are charging me for insurance I have obtained for being responsible they told me i left the car lot without insurance, in the state of Ca. you can not leave without an uninsured car.

They claim I have still they know I traided a car with the same bank that financed me.

Don't you all think they would of already of had my insurance informaiton which was provided two years prior, I laugh at their stupidity. I will not pay the outstanding amount to please their bank pocket.


In response to your complaint about Welsfargo debiting your account, you should never allow any company to debit your account directly and if you do and they do not abide by the agreement, change your bank account number and you control when they get paid.


Sheesh! All I ever wanted from Wells Fargo Financial, from the very beginning, was re-imbursement of interest (at the same interest rate I pay on my loan) on my money while Wells Fargo had it, and an apology from those who lied to me.This amounts to a few cents and a conference call. Never underestimate what can happen when stuborrness and stupidity collide within the same company.


:grin I just wanted to update everyone about the above posting. I called Wells Fargo 1-800 number and checked the status of my account.

The first TEN CENT check was posted to my account on 28 July! Fantastic! I also checked with my bank about what I was doing.

A manager said it sounded like a good idea to him, and that it was completely legal and MUST be posted to my account. I think I'll start including a penny with all further checks.