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I bought some Lazy Boy furniture because it came with an 18 month SAC financed through Wells Fargo. I made payments enough to pay it off in the 18 months.

Unfortunately I also used a portion of the "credit line" for other purchases. I made payments enough to pay off the furniture but Wells Fargo applies your payments however they want. I even made a large payment over $1000 which was supposed to be applied against the Lazy Boy account. They applied it to the credit card instead.

Then they hit me for the finance charges on the furniture. So the SAC program with them is a bogus scam. Don't Fall For It! Their website allows you to make a payment but you cannot direct it towards what they call a "sub" account.

And you can't check your account balance or see how your payments were applied. There also isn't a place on your statement to show that you can direct any over-payment to one account versus the other.

I'll never do business with them again. Think maybe I will go to CitiFinancial.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Location: Hilliard, Ohio

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I worked for Wells Fargo in Des Moines on the Lazy Boy account - with the credit card service people upstairs. It was normal business to apply payments in the companies best interest.

I'd try to help customers but it was next to impossible to get the girls upstairs to change the way a payment was applied. I apologize to you for ever working there!

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