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Wells Fargo Financial Credit Card Customer Service is by far the worse, unprofessional, rude, irrogant, ill-mannered group of people ever employed by a company. Never have I been treated with such rudeness by a servicing company.

I called Wells Fargo Financial over the weekend because, while on vacation, all my cash was stolen along with my debit cards. The only card I still had was my wells fargo finanical credit card. I figured since I was an exceptional paying customer, they could increase my limit so my family could still enjoy their next two days. The first female representative that answered spoke over me from the get go..

She insisted that my address was wrong. When I tried to explain to her that I receive my statement (the one I pay every month on time), at the address I was giving her, she would not shut up long enough to hear me. Her last statement to me was " well, what address would you like us to have".. I simply disconnected the phone.

Well, i guess wells fargo got high-tech with the governments bail-out money, because I called back hoping to get someone else, and the call went directly to this rude women. She sounded like she was 90 years old to boot. I hung up again and called back, went through the auto attendant and was placed on hold for 10 minutes for another female representative to pick-up. I started to repeat my story and she interrupted me and started to berate me about my address and telephone numbers.

I could not believe it!!! I was verifying my home address, the one that the statement is mailed to and was told not the address on file.. sooooo.. I hung up again and called back (out of desperation mind you) only to be handled by a less than manly representative (jacob)..

he advd that the address he had on file was my current address and he was not sure why the other two ladies had a different address (hummmmmm)... so.. i explained my situation and he laughed at me and within 5 seconds stated that "we are sorry however based on your credit and history you are only worth your current limit..when i questioned him about his repsonse and asked how he came to that conclusion he stated that he put the request into a computerized system and it responds.. all the while he was lauging..

when i asked to speak to someone else he laughed again and disconnected the call.

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Never do business with Wells Fargo unless you want perpetual harassment from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

seven days a week. They don't read files, they LIE and are some of the most obnoxious SOB's ever.

This includes every single segment of the WF/Wachovia group. Oh, they were pretty decent until the merger with Wachovia.


I too can agree with this person the Credit card department is the worse to deal with. They are so rude to you, they talk over you when you were already talking and they lie!

They tried to tell me that they called my debt management company and told me they were closed today. As soon as i got off the phone with them, i called my debt management, and what do you know they were open. I then called wells fargo back to get them, myself and my debt management company all on the phone. the new rep i was on the phone with said she could not call them because she doesnt have any business with them.

When i explained that someone else claimed to already attempting to contact them, she told me that she was not suppose to. She also said that she was not going to call someone she doesnt have business with and "waste her time". Ultimately she hung up on my when i asked her for her name and employee number. i then call back in attempt to resolve my issue with them to only get a hold of yet another rude rep.

we fought too, and when i told him i was going to be contacting his supervisor he then threaten me to be turning me into his "security dept" and that i would be receiving a phone call with them with some legal actions.

Seriously?? i am still waiting for my phone call from security!!!