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I hate Wells Fargo. Started off with a free checking accout then for no reason they stated charging $9.95 a month after getting screwed for six months I called and complained they would only give back one month of fees and did I would not be charged.

After that I left a few hundred dollars in it and moved my banking to a credit union. I left it open just so if I needed records I could get to them.

Yesterday after two years I looked at the account now with a negative balance. Wells continued to charge the $9.95.

This time when I called I got nothing they said well you should have been looking at your monthly e statements. Why the *** would I I don't use the account. I WAS TOLD THER WOULD BE FEES. So after going through customer service and manager.

I spoke with a Branch Manager got Nothing there, While speaking with the Branch Manager I told him about the no fee checking account at my credit union and how Wells was horrible and why would anyone use Wells Fargo and pay Fees. I said well how would he know that since I worked for Wells Fargo. He then told me he to used a credit union for his personal banking. YES THE WELLS FARGO BRANCH MANAGER DOES NOT USE WELLS FARGO FOR HIS OWN BANKING.

What does that tell you the guy is the Manager and does not even use Wells Fargo. They really suck that much. Don't get caught up thinking they are good since they been around since the old west.

Ya they have tons of branches, thousands of employees to serve you. Ya who do think pays for all that you and all those fees.

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