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I guess it is my fault for listening to the pitch. I guess it is my fault for believing.

I guess it is my fault for needing help. Wait, I did nothing wrong, but the Wells Fargo pirate ship has sailed into my life. I borrowed $310,000 to re-finance a mortgage with WF and an adjustable rate. They helped alright, by locking me into a loan that has a higher rate than the adjustable would ever reach.

They "helped" after a hurricane and my home was unlivable due to damage by allowing me to not make payments until I was able to move back in. Somehow my $310,000 mortgage is now 3 years old and has a balance of nearly $385,000. This is after I paid in over $65,000 in payments. Like that math?

Then you have found your next mortgage.

I am not griping about my newly devalued $250,000 home with a larger balance, after all if the value had gone up I would be ahead. I just do not understand (well I heard the explanation) how I spent $65,000 to pay down a loan that is now $75,000 more than I borrowed, that's all.

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Sally's big brother... You crack me up!


*** sis u just as big a freak as me!! Do you remember the times I made u sit on my lap and jump up and down furiously until I screamed out loud?


Well if there is any vindication it is that the Obama Bailout Squad has listed Wells Fargo as one of the two worst offenders in the free money fro banks plan and with the worst loan mod program. Not whining but is that not why taxpayers gave Billions to banks?

glad to see there profits up, I was offered a six month reduction in payments and the "lady" told us then we could re-finance.

But to make payments let all our other debt go south. I am sure there will be lenders lineing up to help then.


maybe someone needs to print this post and send it to the "professional's" HR department. Never let someone get under your skin, no matter what side of the fence you are on. Right is right and wrong is... well, someone will caught if there was any wrong doing. If not, you know you done your best, smile and admit to that and walk away. I work for a bank as well and have for a very long time. Rather than sinking to below the toes why not try to find a remedy or at least act like you will try to find a remedy to a customers problem. Not everything can be fixed, but someone can at least try to find a remedy. It sucks being in the middle of disgruntled customers and the position of your job; but you are a public servant, and unfortunately at times, unhappiness and blame comes with that.

Leeds.... have you contacted HUD or your states attorney generals office to find remedies, or events of actual fraud by Wells Fargo? See if you can get a free consultation with an attorney, and find if the attorney can advise you a loan auditor. And by loan auditor, I do not mean one of those internet loser brokers who have software they compare your loan docs to (and probably work with the predatory lenders). Find someone to go through each and every document from the loan application through your current loan statement. If there was fraud, it will be found. You can also research the internet by searching "Wells Fargo Fraud". See what you come up with. Not saying there is anything out there.... but you never know.

But start with a loan audit if you feel you have been duped. Predatory lending has become a very successful business these days with the upside down housing market. They know homeowners are desperate to keep their homes.

You may want to call the company that closed on your loan. Do you have a copy of the appraisal? Your original loan application? Loan agreement? Get all that information together for your auditor. In my experience, I have had loan processors change the persons income after the fact, interest rate, and raised the appraisal. See what you can find out there. Do your homework and quit wasting time here complaining. Not knocking you down here, ok.... if you are serious about what you feel, start doing your homework and let lay the complaints. If there was truly fraud on anyones part it can be found as everything is documented.

LOAN AUDIT!!! Get to work.


Yes, Krista. I would say it to your face.

Up close and personal.

Would you like to stop by? Maybe afterwards we can "hug" and make up (hint hint).


I am not trying to incite a riot, I was only trying to warn others of Wells Fargo and the habit of mistreatment that others have experienced as well. I hope your little existance continues so smooth you never need anyone else.

So stop hating everyone and relax, I was only tyrying to save you from the heart ache many others have suffered.

Don't want thhe warning fine, but don't insult the whole world because we are not as perfect, smart or pretty as you are Sally. As to why would you work for a bank, you got that customer service attitude about perfect for the career.


You know this is a posting to warn others of the pitfalls of dealing with Wells Fargo and the way they operate. If you don't want to head the warnings and only want to insult, just remember one day you may need help and I hope someone cares enough to help you you sniveling little ohh I got it *** ooohhh I bet that hurts.


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"How much commission do you make stealing from us?" or "You must work for Wells Fargo." WOW such moronic 10yr old responses. Grow up and shut up. All of you are so comical.

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SALLY DID YOU READ THE POSTING?????? I guess the only part you understood was the Interest rate, sounds like the rest of the post mentions other stuff too you heartless schrew


Hey Sally, How much commission do you make stealing from us?


This lady, Sally, sure does seem like a pathetic excuse for a human being. Take some *** midol lady.

Are you really that miserable? You must work for Wells Fargo.


You KNEW how much the interest rate was when you signed the loan, ***.

It is 100% YOUR FAULT. I hope your interest rate is 100%.