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I have had several business and personal accounts at Wells Fargo, I was not really put off by other complaints simply put most people complain about banks when the consumer doesn't manage thier finances or check books, this is simply not the case

1. I simply had a charge on my business account that i knew was from a merchant that i did business with previously, they were billing me for a service I cancelled, I informed the bank and also while informing them noticed they had also hit my personal account (I keep both cards on file with my merchant in case there is an issue)

The bank suggested I contact the merchant and after 2 days of no answer I called them back and demanded to file a chargeback because of this, after all they were holding over $600.00 that I no longer had access to.

The bank gave me all sorts of hoops to jump through, and after it was all said and done they approved 1 chargeback and refused the other, telling me that i didn;t fill out the right papaer work or send it in in time.... I corrected them by saying that there were two chargebacks for this SAME company and one was accpeted.

After 5 months of this they have charged off the account (because i refused to pay it) and have ruined my credit and just NOW they decided to tell me it was a mistake, now they refuse to do anything about the chex systems remark or the derrogotory remarks on my credit.

Now I cannot get a loan if my life depended on it.. and frankly now it does because I need a new car...

this is how these compaies treat people, thier business is run by a computer system not real people and the REAL people have no control over it.

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